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Can you separate words from the associations people have formed?

Asked by belisarius (92points) 3 weeks ago

For example, I am a programmer by trade. When you say “table” I might think “HTML.” A carpenter might thing “furniture” and an actuary might think “risks.”

I could carefully explain to a carpenter what an HTML table is and how I use it, but the next day if somebody says “how can I make a table?” won’t they still think “assembling wood?”

By extension, no matter how carefully I explain what I mean by a question will some people just use their own associations to answer that question?

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Context is everything. Ideally, the problem boils down to the most economic method for casting the context of “table” in the role intended. For example: dining table or table of contents, actuary tables, etc.

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I broke my hammer When all you have is a screwdriver all problems have a screwdriver as a solution !

It is a paradigm. “A paradigm is a standard, perspective, or set of ideas. A paradigm is a way of looking at something”

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