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Has any1 tried (My LAST "music subscription" related question. I promise.)

Asked by windex (2932points) September 5th, 2008


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I used them way back in the day. When it was 15$ a month to download all you want as a mp3 (no DRM). I mostly listen to Indie and punk so it was perfect. I don’t think I would use them today.

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why not?

: (

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Honestly. I steal music now.

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I used it… I didn’t like it. I just really hated the layout and it wasn’t as simple as every other search-point-click-download music program.

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I find all sorts of great music on eMusic that I can’t really find anywhere else. they have lots of bluegrass and jazz there.

I’m also a huge stoner rock fan (Kyuss, Monster Magnet, etc..) and they have tons of it there.

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