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Is it harder for you guys to take deeper, full breaths while wearing a mask?

Asked by SergeantQueen (10371points) 1 week ago

I have to wear one all day at school, and I walk about 10 mins from my class to the lunch room. I have to go up and down some stairs and I feel it is incredibly hard to get a full breath until I can sit down. I never got like that before the mask, nor do I get like that at work (where I also have to wear a mask)

Just curious if any of you guys get that same feeling sometimes

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Yes, and my face sweats because of it.

I see people jogging wearing a mask and don’t understand how they do it.

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Oh gawd yes! I’m having heart surgery on Tuesday and can’t wait until it’s over because I’m so short of breath that I literally pant when I walk even just from the car into an appointment. The mask makes that so much worse. And yes, my face sweats!

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Nope. It is noisier.

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@smudges: Best of luck with the surgery.

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Yes. If I’m exerting myself while wearing a mask I need to take it off for a bit to take an actual breath. I’ll never wear one while going for a bike ride.

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No. In fact I usually wear a tighter N95 mask because it doesn’t fog up my glasses. And I wear it all day.

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@cookieman Thank you! Appreciate it.

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Masks vary. I was exclusively wearing the blue disposable type until a couple of weeks ago and barely noticed them Then I got some cloth ones from eBay thinking it would be cheaper in the long run. They are notably less comfortable for breathing. Not too bad for walking, but I wanted them for exercising and that won’t work.

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I wear the paper ones and when I inhale, the paper goes into my mouth.

I don’t wear it when I’m outside and I don’t wear it when I’m walking indoors when there is nobody around (for example in a stairwell). I find taking the mask off when I leave the building to be a big relief.

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No. I used to work in a place where we did work that required a mask, or even a respirator, depending on what material was being used, so I was very used to wearing a mask all day, while doing heavy physical labor.

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No, I don’t have any trouble breathing with a mask on. I have several different types and none of them cause any trouble .

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No, but maybe you can loosen your mask a little? It still needs to stay up over your nose and mouth to work well to protect others, but droplets seem to be caught well even with the mask not very tight against your face.

I think it will get easier for you after a couple of weeks of doing it, unless it is connected to your fast heart rate that you mentioned and something else is going on that is winding you.

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The mask creates a bubble of moist, exhaled air. That makes it uncomfortable to breathe in, so you stopped inhaling too soon. I experienced something like that the first time I went to Thailand – air in the plane was terribly dry, air outside the plane was near 90% humidity. I thought I was going to drown when I got out of the plane. I got used to it after a few days. My advice to you is to remember to take deep breaths. You will get used to it. People in tropical countries breathe moist air all the time.

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Masks vary and people vary. I have found masks I like and some I don’t. But I learned a long time ago, that some people don’t like the constricting feeling of a mask. they almost feel claustrophobic. And that, too, can lead to the feeling that you can’t draw enough breath.

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I have no problem.

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