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Believe in God?

Asked by MohamedShameem (50points) September 11th, 2020

I don’t believe in Gods as I believe on the happenings. But many people here used to say that I’m bad for not believing my God. How can I overcome this?

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Whether it’s the Bible or Quran, both say we have free will.

Do you mean people on this website have told you you’re bad for not believing?

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Accept the fact,- YOUR fact, as you believe it to be,- that there is no “god.” And then be happy with your decision/choice. Don’t let others influence you to feel one way or another.

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Relate to God as a metaphor for the universe. Just don’t tell the people who are stuck on a literal idea of God that that is how you relate to it.

So when such a person asks “do you believe in God?” you can think “do you believe in all that is?” Well of course you do.

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Of course not.

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You haven’t given any reason why you’d have to discuss this with anyone, much less account for your position. If you don’t want to answer “That’s a private matter, and I don’t care to discuss it,“can you just say, “That’s between me and God”?

By “here,” do you mean in the Fluther realm? Or are you speaking geographically about the place where you live? Many of us don’t understand the cultural pressures in some areas. Are public declarations of faith mandatory in your country?

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I personally believe in God. I don’t see Him as the Christian God or the Jewish God or the Muslim God. He is God. I have many reasons for my beliefs. But the key here is that it is MY belief…not yours. They are MY reasons…not yours. I don’t consider you bad for not believing, you just haven’t found a reason to believe.

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I do not believe in God. Science is more awe inspiring than any supposed miracles.

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I believe that one’s journey through faith, is a personal matter.
If pushed, I will hollow your perspective, and punch holes all through it.
But. I prefer not to.

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I am a Christian.
Many on this site are not.

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I only disbelieve in one more religion than a theist.

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To clarify what @filmfann said, according to precise dictionary definition, a Christian is a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Many here may not be theists (believers) but I think many are at least Christian like in their thoughts and actions, which is not a bad thing.

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Isn’t it the main teaching of Jesus that one could attain salvation by believing that Jesus was sent to earth for just that purpose?

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Believing in what Christ was supposedly sent here for, and what he taught are two different things.
What Christ taught was, basically, the Golden Rule: To do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
He wasn’t about him.

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The Golden Rule is in the Old Testament and in the texts for just about every other religion. What set Jesus and Christianity apart from Judaism was the idea of salvation. Take that away and you are left with Reform Judaism.

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Organized religion is a disease.

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Well, those basic questions are what caused humans to come up with the concept of a God, because they didn’t know about physics and science and stuff like that.
My dog is at least as complicated as I am. Why do dogs and worms and other animals get exempted from these philosophical musings? What is their purpose for being here? Who made them? A clam…what is its purpose?

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