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Can you get anti-glare put on after you get an eye-glass lens prescription filled?

Asked by PeachesMcGee (11points) September 5th, 2008
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This Q can best be answered, by your optometrist.

September 5, 2008, 12:07 PM EDT

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Mine was done when I got a new prescription. If you want to add it to your glasses that you have now I am sure they can, but I believe they would have to send them in again.

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no. They use a different type of lense with the coating already on before they cut the lense to the shape of your frame.

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They did mine. They will pop your lens out and put the coating on and pop your lens back in. They did mine, after I had my glasses for 8 months. Mine was a metal frame, I don’t know if they can on a plastic frame. Do what JackAdams suggested and talk to your optometrist. But, be ready to have a 2nd pair of glasses, because it will take a few hours or days.

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I hated the anti-glare that I had put on new lenses; the optometrist was able to send them to factory and have the coating removed.

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@galicalled….Why did you hate it?

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It didn’t solve the problem (which was really that I have aging eyes and am uncomfortable driving long distances at night. I was not bothered by the glare of headlights but by the general inability to read signage at a distance.) During the sunny days I wear sunglasses.

Also, the coating is extremely delicate and can be scratched and start peeling with very little mishandling. I couldn’t be bothered with cleaning my glasses as though they were a newborn.

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sarapnsc—Thanks, they actually are metal frames, but I also talked to a friend last night to has plastic frames and she went back to her optometrist and was able to add the coating on. I realized I need it because when I put my glasses on I can see the reflection of my face in the sides and there is a glare off all lights. no good.

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