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Please update me on sonic fire extinguishers?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17362points) 1 week ago

How close are we to getting a commercial or personal hand held or forest fire model of sonic fire extinguishers?

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It’s a new and innovated idea, so I don’t know how close we are to massive usage. Their thinking was for small home uses, but I haven’t seen a price to see if that is logical or not. They were also envisioning a larger scale use such as firefighting with drones in order to hopefully save human lives. The only video that I saw lead me to believe that they are quite noisy which may or may not be a drawback. I think it’s a bit early to begin speculating on how useful it will be

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This is the only thing that I’ve seen on the subject, so there must not be much hype yet. It’s probably too early to tell. My guess is that some major corporation with billions to spend on R&D will come out with a better idea & make millions on it & the guys who came up with the idea will get zilch!!!

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