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What do you think about “Line” app?

Asked by gondwanalon (18736points) 1 week ago

“Line” app offers “free” calls and messages.
Do you like it?
Anything that you don’t like about it?
I just head of it yesterday when a friend asked me to get it.

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Never heard of it.

I’ve heard of What’s App which has free calls and texts but I don’t have that.

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I’ve got free talk and text already!

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I have used it but not that extensively because one friend was using it. I don’t see anything different from other apps like Messenger and stuff. The only thing I can take away from it, is that their mascots are pretty expressive and cute. Yeah, I’m talking about the rabbit, the bear and the white man that appear as those big emoticons, if you know what I mean. Those characters seem to be pretty popular in some countries. They even have their own games, comics and food.

I think Line is more popular in Asia because of those characters. But in terms of functionality I don’t see anything that sets it apart from other apps.

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@Mimishu1995 My friend is Chinese. An old friend from 25 years ago who recently contacted my on YouTube. I think that he is established and comfortable using Line and that it’s easier for him to get me to use it rather than him using what I’m using. Oh well.

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I don’t have Line app.

I’m looking for an app that will hide my phone number, but will function like WhatsApp. I only use text and occasionally video. Discord is hopelessly complicated for me. I have it, and multiple people have tried to help me use it the way I want to, but it just doesn’t work for me. I live in the USA. Would this app work for me? Is there a better one?

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Never heard of Line before, but have been using Signal, which is free, privatizes texts and has free Voice Over IP calls. I’ve used it to talk to someone in India and it worked extremely well.

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@snowberry….key in *67 before placing your call. That will hide your phone number.

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Yes, @Dutchess_III I know about that, but I have friends all over the world from playing video games. I want to be able to call overseas for free. Also, apps such as WhatsApp require that you reveal your phone number to the other person, and I don’t want to do that for obvious reasons.

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What obvious reason?

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I don’t want to reveal my phone number to people I only know through a video game. I thought that would be obvious @Dutchess_III

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Nothing is free. No one gives you something of value for nothing.

Look closely at their angle.

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I’d never heard of it, so i did a quick search. This is what cNet thinks about it. It requires you to register your email address & that in itself is enough to make me think 10 times before getting it!!! Sounds to me like it’s just another way to get your name, phone number & email linked together & I don’t like that idea.

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@gondwanalon Well if you really need to contact him, then I don’t see anything wrong with installing it. It’s just another generic messaging app :)

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