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If egg whites are called egg whites, why are yolks not called egg yellows?

Asked by ragingloli (49145points) September 13th, 2020

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While mass-produced factory hens mostly have yellow yolks, the color of egg yolks can be anywhere from yellow to dark orange. Hen diet affects color

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They are: that’s what “yolk” means in its Old English origins.

Likewise, the white is called the albumen, from the Latin for “white.”

What are they in German?

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The German literally translates to egg white and egg yellow.

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Before they’re cooked, the egg whites are more like egg snot.

But the work “yolk” is from the ”[AS. geolca, geoleca, fr. geolu yellow.]” (AS meaning ‘Anglo-Saxon,’ fr. meaning ‘from’)
So the word “yolk” does indeed mean “yellow.”
-from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1960 ed.

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Once in a while I say yellow instead of yolk.

In Spanish it’s yellow and clear rather than yolk and white.

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I should correct myself. In Spanish there is a word for yolk, I think it’s yema, but at least my in-laws often use yellow and clara de huevo (literally translated clear of egg) is the correct Spanish as far as I know for egg white, we just say la clara.

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