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What's your experience about asking a loan from your bank?

Asked by luigirovatti (2869points) September 13th, 2020

Take no offence, but I’m more curious about the negative aspects of the experience, than the positive, like, was the bank being greedy? How many banks did you contact that would (lol) have a mechanical voice answering the phone, or saying in a letter “I’ll let you know.”? No offence, but I kinda like to see if the approach is like this, or like Alice in Wonderland for my mind. Yawn. Anyway, the dice is cast, so, what can you tell me?

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I ask and they say OK.

I have good long relationship with my bank and the people who work there, and a perfect credit history.

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I don’t get loans from the bank. I have excellent credit and have gotten loans from a car dealer, a credit union, and a mortgage company. In each case, they made up paperwork based on our verbal agreement and I signed it. The mortgage company came to our house for the transaction.

I bought one car using my credit card, and paid it off at the end of the month with an interest free balance transfer. I have repeated this year after year, making minimum payments and using different interest free balance transfers.

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I needed a small loan for medication in university. I was told that the minimum loan is $3,000. I asked about microloans and they didn’t know what I was talking about. I had no assests, and no employment, so a loan over $3,000 was automatically denied.

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We had accounts with Wells Fargo for 20 years, then we moved to a state that had no Wells Fargo. We kept a couple accounts active with W F, but moved our everyday banking to a local bank. A few years later we asked them for a mortgage loan, and they turned us down flat. We had/have excellent credit.

They sure were upset when we switched credit cards after that stunt.

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I asked for a small loan for a personal project, they granted it, I paid it off in a few months. That’s pretty much my experience.

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I have Overdraft Protection. If I write a check and there’s not enough in my checking account, it’s like a loan every time. I pay a fee but the check doesn’t bounce.

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