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Is this the right advice?

Asked by rsantini (2points) September 6th, 2008

My boyfriend about a month ago met a friend of his that he had kept in contact with via email for some years. She didn’t live here but moved over to study for the year. I knew about her as he had mentioned her a few times. Anyway, despite the seemingly close contact she never said she was actually here in the country. It was 3 months before she even emailed him. My boyfriend found this a bit strange as he had sent a couple of emails to see was she settling in okay but got no response. He had given up on her responding and then out of the deep blue he heard from her. He decided to meet up with her but I wasn’t able to make it. This is where things go perculiar, he said when they met she didn’t seem to be interested in talking, was looking around and acted nervous, almost as if she didn’t want to be there. There should have been lots of things for them to talk about. Then, this is where the ultimate twist is, he left the table to go to the mens room and came back. She said she had to go, so he went to pay, when he took out his wallet (which was in his jacket on the seat when he went to the mens room) he discovered no money in it. He said it to her that his money was missing and what he found strange was that she never asked how much was missing. Anyway,they left and went there separate ways.Afterwards he was telling me and I found it strange. He now suspects she may have taken the money as it couldn’t haven’t been the individual sitting with his back to him at the table, why would that person put my boyfriends wallet back in his jacket if he went to take it,he could be seen putting it back. He feels she may have taken the money when he went to the mens room. He feels awful though for suspecting her. My own thinking is that if she was a genuine friend she would have been more concerned and at least emailed a few days later or even a couple weeks later to see if he ever found the money. He doesn’t want to say anything to her about it and my advice to him was to see if she comes back and says something. It was his money that went missing and she should be concerned. So far though nothing. He feels very let down by this friend and I hope my advice is right.

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how much money was missing?

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Why would he leave that much in his jacket on a chair? I think that’s a little nuts. Chalk it up to learning. It sounds like either his friend is not all he thought she was or he’s trying to explain a large loss of money that he lost some other way. Not knowing either of them I couldn’t tell you which it is. If you trust he isn’t trying to explain something away, I think he should just consider it a $300 lesson.

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yeah i agree with cindyh – either he lost it another way and he’s trying to lie to you to cover it up, or if not (if you totally trust him and he wouldn’t do such a thing) then he learned the hard way, and if i were him i would cool it with talking to her from now on.

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Well it sure wasn’t someone who does pick pocketing for a living…they wouldn’t have put the wallet back.
One of 4 things…
1) His new found, jittery buddy, who he took to lunch, stole the money…
2) He took the money, misplaced it or did something else with it…
3) Someone else who had access to his place, took it and he didn’t check his wallet before he placed it in his pocket.
4) When I lived in Aussie land, the dingo was always taking items, do you have a dingo? Maybe the dingo took it. (not serious) LOL

Other than that, I can’t think of what else could have happened…maybe someone with a criminal justice background or mystery solving skills, can come along and give more input into what happened.

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I would stay as far away from this woman as possible. I would be a little less trustful of strangers. I would keep my wallet with me at all times.

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