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Regarding central air, what is the best brand available ?

Asked by Aster (19874points) 1 week ago

It used to be Trane or Carrier around here but Trane isnt what it used to be. TIA

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I’ve had a RUUD AC system for about 20 years and it has never been a problem.

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Still Trane around here, that is what the HVAC people are installing for their own houses.

Also for small Splits or Ductless HVAC HEIL air conditioners are good.

RUUD has a hard time getting parts for repairs in my area.

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I have a friend who installs and services AC (HVAC mechanic). I will find out his opinion.

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I heard Trane has fixed some of the problems it was having. A GC here told me it’s been about 5 years now since it’s been corrected and he has been using them again.

Carrier is what I’ve had in most of my houses. I honestly don’t know what I have in my current house, I’d have to go look.

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I have a Carrier.

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The old ones should last around twenty years. My fear is the NEW models not living up to their reputations. Ours are Tranes. The one that went out was installed in 1999, it was repaired yesterday but the guy thinks it’ll only last a few more months.

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