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How safe is it to go to the dentist now with Covid 19 in the air?

Asked by Aster (19874points) 1 week ago

I need some more lovely crowns and to finish an implant but I’m scared.

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I have been and it is very safe. They have on a mask and a plastic shield, gloves and a throw away gown. They scrubbed the chair, light and pretty much the entire room before each patient. All tools have been cleaned and are in packages that they rip open in front of the patient to show they are sanitized. I felt that they are cleaner now than ever.

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I’ll be going in a week for cleaning. My wife has been; seems they have everything scrubbed clean.

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The dentist is one of the safest places to go. They were already very careful about hygiene pre-Covid and are even more so now.

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I’ve been twice; once for a root canal.
Doctors understand the necessary procedures.

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I went for a cleaning a few weeks ago. They had a special air purifier by the reception desk and air purifiers in each room. They have a heavy duty plastic curtain hanging in each doorway. They have a special suction thing (in addition to the regular saliva suction thing in your mouth) in your mouth.

When I went in and had to fill out the form for Covid, they let me keep the pen because they don’t want to have it back and have to touch it. They take your temperature. So many things.

My daughter goes to the orthodontist and the child (the patient) goes in alone and the parent waits in the car, to reduce the number of people in the office.

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Obviously, it’s safer to postpone it. The masks we wear are not designed to protect us (or others) against aerosols. Since dentists are in close proximity to tons of different people, the chances of them getting infected are fairly high. And all the surface disinfection won’t do a thing if you’re breathing the same air as a carrier.

That said, you should go if you’re in pain.

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Fantastic answers everyone ! Thanks so much! A.

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