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What is the cheapest way for a family to get from Sacramento to Seattle?

Asked by YARNLADY (44237points) 1 week ago

Four adults and two children, ages 10 and 13, car, train, plane, round trip (possibly through Vancouver, the final destination is Sedro Wooley, WA.)

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Quick guess is get in car and drive, rotate drivers and going through Canada with COVID-19 restrictions is a No Go !

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That is a easy drive up the 5. Easy to drive in a day. Car would be cheapest if you pack a cooler and some sandwiches.

Sacramento to Eugene is about 8 hours, two hours from Eugene to Portland, three and a half hours from Portland to Seattle. A pretty straight and boring drive.

@tropical.. I think they mean the Vancouver that is right on the southern border of Washington.

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@johnpowell I took it as “let’s fly !”

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@johnpowell You have reminded me that the trip is actually less than our previous trips to San Diego over the past several years. Thank you. I am so wrapped up in visiting my sister after all these years (about 35) that I didn’t notice.
I will be visiting in January to celebrate our birthdays. She was born two weeks before my first birthday.

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