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What makes music good for you?

Asked by seawulf575 (13896points) September 15th, 2020

This is for music lovers in the crowd. What is it about music that appeals to you? What makes you think one song is good while another isn’t? I’m not looking for what your favorite style is, but what is it about the music itself.

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1.Good, expressive melody
2. If a song, singable lyrics
3. a beat/tempo that encourages body movement, whether fast or slow.

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Relatable lyrics.

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For me, it is the emotion it brings about. Some of the older songs bring up good memories that I have associated with those songs.

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I love that each taps into a different vibe.

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All kinds of things:

Good lyrics
Inspires emotions
Takes me out of current mental/emotional state
Makes me want to dance
Good vocalist

I like songs that have one to any combination of the above. I’ve been known to a like a song for just a really good bridge or a tempo change.

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Lyrics, the way I can relate to them.
Instrumentation. I like stuff with more than just drums, I like guitars and also other instruments like saxophone or something.
The melody and the beat.

There is a cool website for people who listen to music on spotify. It shows a sun and some mountains, and the colors and how many mountains you have are dependent on what you listen to and how active of a listener you are.

I have 3 mountains because i am a very active listener on spotify, and my color scheme is pink because I have been listening to more happy and energetic songs. It also says that I tend to listen to music in the key of F

So maybe the key the song is in also makes it sound good to me. I check the website every once in a while and I always listen to songs in that key it says.

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I listen to a lot of Deep House and Chillout Lounge music. It’s like a slower tempo, more relaxed version of EDM. Something you might hear in a swanky NY lounge, which is much classier than your average bar.

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Good music for me:

* Conjures and stirs up moods and emotions… moods and emotions that I like or am interested in experiencing, especially when they strike chords in my own moods and emotions.

* Involves ideas, humor, personality that I like or relate to.

* Entertains the musical part of my brain, and has it repeating the tune in an enjoyable way.

* Is beautiful or aesthetically appealing in various ways.

Bad music for me:

* Has the opposite of those qualities and effects on me, and or…

* Has messages or perspectives I disagree with and/or find loathsome and/or contemptible.

* Has a style I dislike.

* Annoys me.

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If I like it it’s good. If not it’s bad. I know that’s stupidly simplistic, but I dig what I dig – for reasons I could never quantify or intellectualize.

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