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How did you set up your reef tank?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34547points) September 6th, 2008

I’ve been keeping fish for close to a year now, but only got into reef tanks within the past 3–4 months. So fluther, how did you set up your tank? What equiment are your running? Whats it stocked with?Which coral/fish/inverts are your favorites? Have you run into any big problems with your tank? If so, what did you have to do to fix them? If you have any pictures please share.

Heres some of the stuff in my tank.

if anyone is looking to trade corals, shoot me a PM and we can try and work something out

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Heres some pictures from my tank Bam Bam Orange Zoos , Unknown Zoos ,Toadstool Leather and a tiny frag of GSP ,Huge Finger Leather ,Red Green Favia ,Green Stripped Palys ,Unknown Palys ,Purple with green center mushroom ,Green Stripped Mushrooms ,Huge Purple Mushroom ,Psychedelic Mandarin ,Frog spawn and last ,a full tank shot

I currently have a HOB mechinacal filter with chemipure elite and filter sponges in it, a excalibur HOB skimmer,a koralina 2 PH, and a 24” 150w HQI Metal Halide SunPod. Aside from whats listed above there are also some blue,red,orange, and green zoos. 2–3in T. crocea clam ,a dwarf feather duster,a mummy eye chalice frag,a false percula clown,black molly(just had babies somehow i cant figure it out since shes been alone for 6 months now i think i have jesus fish),some snails, an emerald crab, and a purple reef lobster.

My favorites

thankfully no big problems yet <crosses figures>

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I was clown fish when clown fish wasn’t cool. (Pre Nemo)

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I’ve got a 240L tank with 2 x T5 lights (can’t remember the wattage off the top of my head). A Koralia 3 and a tunze nanostream w/ wave timer thingie for flow and finally, a TMC V2 skimmer and external filter w/ lots of floss, rowaphos and carbon for mechanical and chemical filtration and 30 kg live rock for bio.

It houses a Cardinal, a Coral Beauty, a Percula Clownfish, a Sixline Wrasse, a Midas Blenny, 5 Green Chromis and a small Firefish. Also a bunch of assorted hermits, 2 cleaner shrimps and a bunch of turbo snails. I did have a couple of Emerald Crabs as well, but I haven’t seen them in ages, so not sure if they’re still around.

For corals, I’ve got some ever expanding Green Star Polps, an even faster growing Devils Finger coral, and a few different types of Zooanthids.

Some photos: Full tank shot, Percula Clown, Emerald Crab, Devil’s Finger, Firefish, Zooanthid

I’ve had it running for about a year now. Most of the photos are nearly that old too. I really need to get some more recent ones now everything’s grown and there’s more in there.

@uberbatman, have you had any difficulty getting your mandarin to eat? I hear they can be a bit picky.

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@damien nah, i waited until i had a TON of copepods in my tank before i bought him. I’m also lucky enough to have one that will eat cyclopezes.

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