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What parts of the body are most affected by COVID 19 other than the lungs and the heart?

Asked by flo (12961points) 1 week ago

And what exactly (explicit detail) does it do to the lungs, the heart and other parts of the body?
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There are reports of clotting and shutdown of kidneys, liver and leg amputations from clots

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Wew, I meant, not wow.

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I edited to add to the question.

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I’ve read it can also cause conjunctivitis.

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Yes and there’s the lesions in the brain nd on and on and on. Do you have a link for all the things?

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What I’ve read says that SARS_COV-2 tears cells apart. This causes localized bleeding and results in all the symptoms we hear about.
In the lungs there are cells damaged that create fluid in the lungs and then pneumonia. In feet you get blue toes. In the nervous system you get effects like Parkinsons disease. In the brain you get bleeding and mini-strokes (or big real stroke in bad cases). in muscles you get soreness when you didn’t work the muscle.

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That’s a lot of things. Maybe that’s not all.

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