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Have card players had to come up with a word to replace "trump" in their terminology?

Asked by Jeruba (51919points) September 15th, 2020

That word is never again going to be neutral in our collective vocabulary. I’m curious to know if people are finding workarounds for this term and its related expressions, or if the context is enough to limit the effects.

I imagine some people cannot refrain from making endless tiresome remarks.

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Damn. I was about to make a tiresome remark. Good thing I read your details! :-)

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That’s a bridge I’ll cross when I come to it. Until then, I’ll be Bidin’ my time.

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It is a bit of whistful thinking. Suit yourself.

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No trump works well enough for me!

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I doubt it. The meaning is different.

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Not just cards. I find I use the word trump quite a bit in political arguments the last few years with so much discussion about religion and politics.

A substitute word for cards could be “wild” if the game you are playing doesn’t use wild cards.

Other suggestions:

Bower (in Euchre the trump card is called a right bower).

Maybe we could use the French word? German?

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‘Pone’ – - – in cribbage is the name given to the non-dealer player in a two-player game, or the player to the dealer’s left in a three or four-handed game.

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“Trump” works better than ever in pinochle.

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I heard he set up a company, Trump Cards, to charge people a flat fee when they use the term. Someone’s got to pay for using the best, huge, biggerest name.
The company will be bankrupt in no time, just like: Trump steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump university, Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza, Trump Ice, Trump the Game, Trump Vodka, etc…

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I’ll admit that I laughed at the idea of someone being so bat shit crazy, they have to avoid using a word because they associate it with someone they hate. But after a little research on google, I now realize that it is a serious issue known as logophobia and I truly hope you (in general, not directed at anyone) seek professional help.

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@cheebdragon That remark simply shows that you have no concept of how quickly language can evolve and how word meanings can change dramatically in a relatively short amount of time. Being aware of the changes might save you some embarrassment.

For example, go ahead and research words like “gay” and “spam” and “queer”, and how they have changed in basic meaning and connotation over the last few decades.

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I have no qualms about using the word when referring to something incredibly stupid or very powerfully ignorant.
I’d even up-play it.

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