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Why isn't anyone pointing out Trump referring to herd immunity as "Turd mentality" ?

Asked by filmfann (49149points) September 16th, 2020

He made this slight slip while talking to George Stephanopoulos.

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. . . talking about himself “Turd Mentality” !

Shitty outlook on life.

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He did? He did? Do you have a citation?

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Yes, it’s all over Facebook, except he said herd mentality, not turd

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Not going there. Thanks, though.

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I heard that tonight and thought I had misheard him. One of the instances of him saying “herd mentality” did indeed sound like turd.

“Herd mentality” does not even mean what he thinks it means. He was talking about “herd immunity” but does not know that those terms mean very different things.

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Thank you @Dutchess_III

It’s the third video on that link.

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Why is the media making such a big deal about the slip like he’s an idiot. I get that the slip is an interesting one, because maybe he has been discussing herd mentality and that is where the slip came from, but mispronouncing something or screwing up a phrase while on live TV, I mean anyone can slip up while on the spot.

If he called his son Don by the name of Eric accidentally will the media explode with dementia theories? Almost every parent I know has done that sort of thing. I do realize he has mispronounced or misspoken before, it’s not a one off, but keep in mind I have seen “left” TV media show the screw up and not his immediate correction practically in the same breath, because he knew as soon as he said it he mispronounced.

I do think Trump knows a lot about herd mentality though. I think he has studied it by personal observation and probably has read up on it for years. Making this into some sort of demonstration that Trump is ignorant; the media is missing the mark in my opinion. There are plenty of things he does that are actually very worrisome, this isn’t one of them.

@Dutchess_III Even the quote in your article that Trump said “a lot of people think masks aren’t good.” He’s right! A lot of idiot people listening to Q think masks aren’t good. The statement is right, the problem is the people are wrong.

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Here’s a link Trump Town Hall. You can skip to 12:00 to hear what he said about “turd…. herd mentality” The stable genius meant “herd immunity” – which is a dangerous option, by the way.
I also enjoyed the fact checker pointing out all the lies and needing to talk like an auctioneer.

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^Good link. Thanks!

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It’s a comedic slip at most. Even Obama had a few. Shrug.

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“It’s a comedic slip. . . . ” or a Freudian Slip – - also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought.

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@KNOWITALL What makes it frightening are the things he says after. (And before.)
Basically he is saying we can’t stop it, so let’s give up and give it to everyone. That is the crazy part. Sure, herd immunity will work if it is spread out over many years when a vaccine and a cure is ready. But neither are available now. And hospitals cannot handle the large influx.
If all supporters of that idea signed a waiver saying they will not seek medical attention for it and will pay the medical costs and lost productivity of everyone they infected, I’d let them do it.

I won’t bother to debate because it is pointless. No matter what he says his supporters will swallow it.
Shrug, indeed.

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Add-on to @LuckyGuy I saw an article that stated for herd immunity to work in COVID-19 about 4 to 6 million people would have to die in the US. Over 200,000 people would need to contract COVID-19 for herd immunity and COVID-19 fatality rate is 2% to 3%.

A little grim but right up Trump’s alley. Won’t tell you so you don’t panic and hurt the Stock Market.

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@LuckyGuy Indeed I think many people do believe there isn’t really anything you can do, you either get it now or later. I keep saying those people are fatalists. I have quite a few acquaintances who think like this. That’s why those people keep citing Sweden’s plan, but they don’t even know Sweden’s actual full plan. I’m not sure Trump feels that way, except to say that he either is fine playing along with them for votes, or that he feels it’s too difficult to manipulate that part of the population, which also is about votes, and also about herd mentality. It’s almost funny how Freudian it is, except that it’s so serious. I do think if the president and other leaders reinforced mask wearing even some of the current no maskers would start wearing a masks, don’t get me wrong. Then there is my one friend who will have to be tied down to wear a mask, she isn’t following Trump, she is following Q.

@Tropical_Willie I think you mean over 200,000,000 need to contact it to get herd, I would say higher. Let’s hope the death rate isn’t actually 2–3%. I’m hoping it’s more like .6%. We know people are walking around asymptomatic and not being caught in the covid stats. Although, now I’m not so sure how many are simply presymptomatic. Still, millions would die and others have long term health consequences. They don’t do the math.

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@LuckyGuy So we’re at 20.3 million recovered in the US (as of yesterday) and the Mayo Clinic said we’d have to reach 200 million for herd immunity to end the virus. So….he’s not wrong but we’re a ways off and he did say ‘sure, eventually’.

The Mayo clinic (June) agreed.

How are you going to force Americans to take it seriously though? If watching the numbers and seeing reports on deaths, if they still don’t care enough to change their behavior or are willing to take the risk, why not explore all options like herd immunity?
I could argue that California is in the top 3 states with the highest active Covid cases. Only 23.57% are Republicans, if you want to add politics.

I agree with @JLeslie, this is not something to get worked up about, it’s simply a reality check that we may have to depend on herd immunity since Americans are not complying.

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@knowitall Perhaps if the president of the United States took it more seriously and passed that on to his fellow Americans, you know, like wearing face masks, maybe more would take it more seriously.

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@chyna Skeptical. If watching family and friends die alone in diapers, ass up in hospital beds with vents in their backs don’t do it, I don’t know that anything will.

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Herd mentality is rarely (if ever) considered to be intelligent.

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Wow^^^ and this coming from a Trump lover, I am truly shocked!

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@cheebdragon So now we’re back to not believing the science?

“I’m quite prepared to believe that there are pockets in New York City and London which have substantial immunity,” said Bill Hanage, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “What happens this winter will reflect that.”
Criticism trailed Sunetra Gupta, a theoretical epidemiologist at Oxford University, after a widely circulated interview in which she said that London and New York may already have reached herd immunity because of variability among people, combined with a theoretical immunity to common cold coronaviruses that may protect against the new one.

Another article about Brooklyn’s Hasidic Jewish community:

@SQUEEKY2 Are you calling @chyna a Trump lover?

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Really @KNOWITALL ? and the arrows I showed point to @chyna?

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@SQUEEKY2 You seem to talk about trump more than anyone on this site and he’s not even your president, No one loves Trump more than you.

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Oh snap @cheebdragon I do love to point out his idiocies, and can’t for the life of me understand why normal working slobs actually love the dweeb.

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@KNOWITALL Herd immunity takes much longer than some people want to believe. Plus, we will get better treatments over time which will save from severe illness and deaths, and it’s a fact hospitals get overwhelmed in areas that are hard hit and it’s bad in so many ways when covid patients are in large numbers in the hospitals, bad for staff, bad for business, bad for the community at large.

I want to read your NYT article but I don’t have my log in information right now. From what you wrote I’m very interested, because I’ve been wondering if prior coronavirus infections are giving people some immunity. The article about the Jewish community is a reason not to try for herd immunity, they lost a lot of members to the ravages of the disease.

We still are slowing the spread in a good portion of the country. People are wearing masks, distancing, and the curve flattened, but unfortunately we are flat at a high level. I think I heard 40,000 cases a day. If it’s holding steady at that, then that is basically one to one transmission, but covid let loose is more likely one to four more or less.

Sweden asks people to distance, has cancelled large gathering likes sports and concerts, they don’t have a free for all going on like some people want to think.

I like the Taiwan example better, they believed they could control it and squash it, and have been fairly successful and never closed a business and kids have been in school. 7 deaths to date. South Korea has done fairly well also. My governor tried to do the SK plan from what I can tell, but the population here wouldn’t and won’t cooperate, and we receive too much tourism, and he wouldn’t put in mask orders, and the cable media didn’t help both Fox and MSNBC, and social media with all this live free or die anti-mask and covid is fake messaging.

My friend who won’t wear a mask is way beyond the herd immunity people I know. She believes masks harm you, are going to help traffic children, will lead to government controlling your every move, and are an evil part of a plan to destroy America.

I know that’s not how you think, I’m not aiming this at you as an argument, rather just adding to the conversation.

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@SQUEEKY2 Okay, Canuck, you’re right. A truck driver in Canada knows far more about a global pandemic than multiple epidemiologists and the Mayo Clinic.

I didn’t love Obama either but I still paid attention to what he said. And frankly I defended some of his ideas to people here, as well. I was on the ACA for awhile, and took his advice on my retirement accounts, too, as well as his tax breaks.

@JLeslie They are saying the communal living in Jewish communities probably spread it quicker and though they had 7 times the normal deaths due to Punim’s timing in March, the numbers are down and they are barely masked at all. It’s actually very interesting.

As far as the ones not taking precautions, i wish them the best from afar, but yes, I totally disagree with all of those Q things you listed.

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@KNOWITALL I have no doubt immunity is happening. I also agree that if the community is only interacting with each other they are basically safe, but the Hassidic often do interact with the city at large at work, at least some of them, which means if someone not immune catches it, there will be another outbreak in their community most likely, but smaller numbers.

Similar to measles outbreaks in America. We have about 95% immunity for measles in our country, but when a case takes hold in an area that has low vaccination rates it spreads. Since NYC is very compliant with masks it is probably extremely low risk that a scenario like that will happen in the community.

It will take time for us to know how long the immunity lasts. That’s another question mark.

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We can wait for 5 or 6 years for “Herd Immunity ” to kick in ! ! ! NOT

This is what Trump is running on; that and “Believe me a vaccine is coming !” so vote for me now and “I’ll fire the head of the CDC for saying third quarter of 2021.”

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@cheebdragon said, ”Herd mentality is rarely (if ever) considered to be intelligent.” Herd mentality is what I encounter almost every damn day in the drive thru lanes at fast food places. People do whatever the person in front of them is doing. If they’re outside of the drive through lane everybody is outside of the lane until they’re all driving in the middle of the parking lot and no one can go around them.

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Yeah, he said herd mentality. I think it points to three things. Either it was a Freudian slip and that is how he views his followers or just a regular slip of the tongue of someone not really caring about the subject he is talking about. Or the third. Another Freudian slip because he’s worried if he will look mentally fit during the interview.

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I think he’s been fielding a lot of bigly words and concepts since this started, and he simply can’t process them all. None of them.

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Revisited that video. Trump said “The excess mortality rate is among the best.”
WTH does that even mean? I don’t think he could even define most of the words that come out his mouth.
And He IS an idiot @JLeslie. He is a text book example of a blathering idiot.

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