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Why do some people (including YouTubers) watch "Cuties" before commenting it's bad?

Asked by luigirovatti (2321points) September 18th, 2020

Why is it still available on “thepiratebay” despite its blatant hypersexualization of 11-year-olds? And why hasn’t (for all we know) been put on an FBI watchlist anyone who downloaded it? For anyone who watches Netflix, I think it doesn’t deserve explanation. For those who don’t, here it is a link for it:

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Oh, maybe it was the wrong link. For more information, go here:

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It’s disturbing, but it’s technically not child pornography.

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The movie is not of interest to me, but I certainly think it makes more sense to criticize something after seeing it than before.

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May I just remind everyone that “toddlers and tiaras”, a tv show that dressed up toddlers like prostitutes, ran for 7 whole seasons.
I am reasonably certain that it was far worse.

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How can you say something is horrible if you haven’t even seen it to know how horrible/good it really is?

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@SEKA: Are you suggesting that I should watch this, even though it may be deeply disturbing?

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I watched it. It’s not highly disturbing, although there are a couple of cringe-worthy scenes. It’s no worse than most dance competitions and less explicit than most pre-teen engagement with TicToc and other social media apps. The previews for it combined the most “graphic” imagery and left out the whole story, so I (almost) understand why people are so upset. But I will not engage in further conversation with anyone who hasn’t watched it.

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@luigirovatti. Nope, I didn’t “suggest” that. I “said” it. Was I wrong to assume that you’re an adult with enough sense to know when to hit the “stop” button? If and/or when it becomes deeply disturbing, that’s when you press stop and go do something else. What if it never becomes deeply disturbing and you actually enjoy it? You won’t know until you actually watch it. I just don’t feel anyone should trash talk anything until they have a better idea of what they speak

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@SEKA: In my case at least, it’s simply that, before I stop the video, it already leaves a mark in my psyche for the horror of it.

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I feel sorry for you. Waking up every morning leaves a mark in my psyche but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop waking up. How do you ever know what you like or who to trust to tell you what you goung to like

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