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Just for a day (or two), with whom would you like to change places?

Asked by Jeruba (51916points) September 19th, 2020

A celebrity, a political leader, a billionaire, a hermit, your mother?

Who and why?

What would you get from the exchange? What would you want them to get from the exchange? Something has to happen on both ends.

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Trump- to undo some of the damage he’s done. One thing I’d do is approach Senator Sanders and tell him that whomever he recommends to replace RBG, will be my choice to take her seat.

The fake Brian would have the pleasure of caring for my cat.

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@Brian1946 I hope your cat wouldn’t be too confused when you finally came back :)

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Good point. That’s one reason why I’m glad @Jeruba imposed a time limit on the exchange.

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My husband. I think it would be very valuable to live in his world for a while. Sometimes I can tell he needs me to understand his perspective in some way, but something is missing because I operate from a different framework. Of course, it goes both ways. I’m sure I would benefit from being understood in all my strange and wondrous ways.

@Brian1946 So…Trump would be taking care of your cat.

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Well, you know, one of the string-pulling greed-and-power-crazed billionaires, to confess and expose and undo as much evil corruption as possible, donate as much money as possible, do as much good as possible.

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Don’t forget this part:

What would you want them to get from the exchange?

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I’d want them to get what’s coming to them, including a chance to break out of their soul-crushing guilt. Hopefully their inner selves would take it as what they’ve wished they had what it takes to do themselves.

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I like all these answers. Interesting thought experiment, even though I usually avoid speculative questions. Thanks for all responses.

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@longgone @smudges

My beloved Roofy would have a lot of fun preying on the legless thing atop Trump’s head.

His benefit would be the improvement to his appearance with his new, albeit temporary, tuxedo toupee. ;-)

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No one. I am what I am and I am comfortable with that. And I never saw much point in this type of speculation.

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