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Did I miss anything with the following quote about court reporters in a courtroom trial?

Asked by luigirovatti (2325points) September 20th, 2020

In the old days the court reporters used shorthand, a method of recording that included symbols and codes and abbreviations and pretty much anything else they needed to keep up with the dialogue. After the trial, the court reporter would translate the shorthand to a typed, neat transcript of what was said during the trial. This would take days/weeks/months.

Source: Theodore Boone – 1 – Kid Lawyer” by John Grisham

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YA it’s from many years old, they started using steno machine in the 1880’s a mechanical short hand. Also quoting from a novel is problematic.

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@Tropical_Willie: I rarely read non-fiction from cover to cover. They’re tedious, and I rarely catch the point in there.

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Novels are made up = = = = > there is the problem.

Make believe not quotable as true, Stars Wars . . . . . . comes to mind.

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Not all novels are made up. Many of them are simply reporting facts but in an interesting way. “Sacajawea” and “Seabiscuit” come to mind.

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Very little is known about Sacajawea and the book by Anna Lee Waldo is historical fiction novel.

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Based on the well documented discoveries of Lewis and Clark’s journey.

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But a novel !

Any conversations in the book are fiction.

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Try reading books on Serial Killers now that’s as real as you can get

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