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Will Government parties ever be able to work together again, or is that a thing of the past?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20607points) September 20th, 2020

Or will it just be blaming the other party for everything wrong from now on?

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They work together all the time and do atrocious things. Bipartisanship is a nightmare. We need a real opposition party.

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If/when we are able to rid our congress of career, corrupt politicians? Term limits? Yes our parties will work together for the good of “the people’! Definitely.

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Most of the corrupt representatives ARE working together, to pretend to be in conflict and put on a dramatic show to distract voters from the fact that most of them are corrupt and actually all servants of the oligarchy and corporate interests.

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I wonder if Moscow Mitch gets his Putin Check once a month or every two weeks? ?

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When the aliens land. The US needs an outside enemy to be united. Sad. The parties sure together here and there, but on big issues that get a lot of media coverage they have to deal with saving face bullshit.

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I think they will when we get the great divide out of office.

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Everyone should read @Zaku ‘s answer and memorize it. The 2 political parties have been enormously successful in the single enterprise to which they are truly dedicated. That enterprise in a nutshell is the denial of political opportunity to all other parties or factions. Nothing may be achieved minus the endorsement of or visible co-option by one of the 2 parties. Trump is President because he had to pick one of the 2. And he of course picked the one notorious for embracing the wackos.

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