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What is the name of the Star Trek episode where rioting is encouraged once a year?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) September 21st, 2020

Would that be cathartic in real life? Or to have a smashing room to get out pent up emotions?

What would the logistics behind running such an event once a year? Or running a smash room every day?

Humor and serious answers welcomed.

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I do not know any episode that “encourages” riots, but DS9 had the double-episode Past Tense, about riots caused by the killing of a black man by police, after years of massive economic inequality and oppression.

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@ragingloli The episode where it is dangerous to be out side once a year. Where you could do what ever you want outside. It was a world in the 1920’s clothing. I will go over the list and update fluther.

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@ragingloli The Return of the Archons
Wikipedia link

In the episode, the crew of the Enterprise visit a seemingly peaceful planet whose inhabitants are “of the Body”, are controlled by an unseen ruler, and enjoy a night of violence during “festival”.

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Isn’t that every New Years Eve Party atmosphere?
Or every Bar fight night?

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I think you are confusing ST with The Purge.

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I thought “The Red Hour” was every day. Maybe at noon—don’t think it was midnight but it started at twelve,

The machine that controlled everybody was called Landreau. Evedently a real Landreau started a cult and built a machine.

The Return of the Archons was the name of the episode.

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@ragingloli I know nothing of DS9 but after reading your link I am going to watch that episode. Those writers were clever.

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I kind of vaguely recognize that…..

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