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Can one in a first world country save money by eating like a third world citizen?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) September 21st, 2020

Little meat, lots of beans and staples, fruits and vegetables? Is it possible to eat the same types of foods as a poor third world citizens to save money and promote good health? Also would the price for such foods be cheaper, more expensive or the same between first and third world citizens?

Can you list the foods that one eats in first and third world countries?

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You’re asking for an essay. Look it up

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@YARNLADY Thanks. The two pie charts are similar other than poor countries eat more grains and less meat.
Also USA spends 10% on food and poor countries spend 60%.

I will read more in detail tomorrow. My eyes have had it from too much internet and cable.

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A lot of people in first world countries have been moving toward a more plant based diet. Overconsumption of beef is a health hazard and people are eating less of it, although consumption of poultry has risen. In general, plant food is less expensive. Plants provide more nutrition per acre than animals and are less expensive to raise and harvest. Your food bill would definitely be smaller if you substituted plant protein for some of the beef that you use.

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@LostinParadese Overconsumption of beef is a health hazard.

Factory farming Mass production of any meat is also an environmental hazard.

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