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Do you think students should be allowed to attend school football games?

Asked by JLeslie (61561points) September 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

Students and maybe some more people spread around the stadium. 10% capacity? 25% capacity?

I went to a Big Ten school, I think my stadium holds 75,000 fans. I heard, but I don’t know if it’s true, that only the family members of players can attend the game. I don’t agree with that. I think students of the home team should be priority.

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No, not right now. I actually think sports need to be suspended for the time being. As much as people want to believe that it’s safe, people being in groups of people, with whom they are not quarantined is a pretty big risk. That is why Covid 19 keeps spreading. Some of the most recent breakouts have been at colleges, and within sports teams.

We still have no vaccine, and no effective treatments and 200,000 people are dead, because Americans have thus far been unwilling to do what is necessary, which is to stay home and avoid unnecessary gatherings.

It’s not as if, just because 6 months have passed, that everything is OK now. It isn’t. It’s as bad or worse than it was in March.

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@Kardamom The intention would be that people only sit with people they are spending time with. At 10% that would be just 7500 people. There are 43 outdoor sections, I think they are around 60 rows in a section, so that’s 2 people per row, but some people would be in clusters of 4 or 6 if they live with them creating even more space between the clusters. They could require masks (It’s about to get cold in most of America, masks will actually be welcome by most people). The only problem I see is bathrooms and touching surfaces. I worry about that with all public bathrooms.

At my school the players are being tested and kept in small groups until they are cleared after isolating with their group. Here’s an article about the volleyball team. Although, I do worry about other teams, are they being this careful.

From what I understand teens and young adults are getting together with friends to some extent anyway at home.

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No this is crazy. Cost is way higher than the benefit.

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No I don’t think so. Kids will not stay in their little social/family group. They see other kids they want to talk to, run up and hug them, give the other kid a drink of their pop, a million things they shouldn’t be doing.
Why can’t people follow rules for a few months to save lives? Why are they so entitled to go watch a game, go to a bar, eat at a restaurant?

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No – no need.

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No students. And that should include those on the field. Have the student athletes concentrate on their studies instead of working on their traumatic brain injuries.

M opinion would be different if the athletes were paid a share of the TV revenue.

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No football – nobody practicing, playing, or coaching, and nobody sitting in the stands.

Professional athletes, who are paid substantially, are getting better protection than collegiate athletes, unpaid, have been receiving. There are no fans allowed at most professional games (baseball parks are empty), yet the same concerns aren’t being had for college audiences.

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I don’t think there should be football games. Let’s have men grapple and fondle each other with deep heavy breathing. Seems like a great idea, right?

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