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What book(s) should I get for learning Java?

Asked by Jreemy (168points) September 6th, 2008

I am trying to begin learning how to code in Java since I will not have a computer science class for at least a year. Can anyone make any recommendations on some good books for this?

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Can you clarify one thing before I answer. Are you looking to learn Java or Javascript? There’s a HUGE difference between them, so that’s why I’m asking.

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The course offered at my Univeristy simply says 1351 Java Programming (3–0). Programming concepts and development in the Java language. So I would assume just Java. I realize there is a difference, I just don’t know which they intend on teaching.

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Pretty much everyone I know recommends the Core Java series.

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What @paulc recommends is def good and yeah I’m assuming Java not Script based on what you said. If you’d rather spend no money this is what I would do.

Go download NetBeans unless you have a programming program you already enjoy. I like Notepad++ on windows for quick things, but NetBeans is the bees knees (yes I really did just use that term) when it comes to Java development. (Plus it’s totally cross platform so that’s a huge selling point for me since my own house is a mixed os environment)

Then start here because starting with the free stuff is always better.

You can also use this as another reference place.

Lastly, cheat sheets are really useful. I still keep my VI cheat sheet taped above my monitor. I haven’t found one quite as nice as the ones from Added Bytes for Java, but they still work.

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Head First Java is a fantastic book. I much preferred it to ‘Java Java Java, Object-Oriented Problem Solving’ by Morelli, suggested by my University course.

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