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Skin and hair care?

Asked by Hosewater (7points) September 26th, 2020

I’m an African American girl trying to get my skin clear and my hair more curly and long. Any suggestions for safe African American use hair and skin products?

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Are you in the US? I have a friend of African descent (she’s German), and she runs a small grocery store here. She also has a medical degree from Germany. She carefully researches all the products she carries. I can think of nobody better equipped to answer your questions.

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What do you mean by clear skin? No zits or a more even complexion? As for hair growth, more. Eat a diet that has more Omega 3. Which is also great for skin and nails and hair.
A healthier diet all around will help with everything. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and as mentioned foods high in Omega 3.
The darker your skin and the less time you spend outdoors the less likely you are to have a good amount of vitamin D. Get your levels checked to see if you may need supplements.
Stay away from white sugar products for better-looking skin.
Get plenty of sleep and stay fit to reduce the stress that can affect your skin.
Drink the recommended 8 glasses of water. If you drink a glass of juice consider that one of your cups of water. Water is essential for good skin.
If you have a breakout, wash your face with a nonabrasive soap if it is oily, and don’t wear make-up. It will just clog your pores.
Great skin and hair comes from inside to out and genes. We don’t always get the best genes but a healthy lifestyle will do more for you than any product out there.

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One small piece of advice I can give is this:

Don’t wash your face with things that have microbeads in it, they can cause tears and can clog pores.

Also apparently washing your face in the shower isn’t as good because the water is a lot hotter than what comes out of tap. I just turn the water to cold/colder and wash my face anyways

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