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Have you noticed a recent pattern of early delivery for ordered items? Good or not good?

Asked by Jeruba (51917points) September 26th, 2020

Recently I’ve had quite a few orders come earlier than expected, one by as much as a week. A day or two early is becoming common.

This is true of Amazon, but not only Amazon; and all carriers, not just USPS, UPS, and FedEx but independent delivery services also.

Has this happened with you? What do you think of it?

To me this is not good. Packages are at risk for theft, especially when delivery people leave them conspicuously right in front of our door and don’t bother to put them to one side, never mind ringing the doorbell.

It may not matter much if I lose a paperback book or a pair of slippers; but yesterday a large box containing an expensive piece of prescribed medical equipment arrived three days early, just as I was leaving the house. I had planned to be home on Monday to receive it. If it had come while we were out, we probably would never have got it.

Are schedules deliberately showing later expected arrival so shippers can get good marks for being early? Isn’t on time better than either late or early?

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I totally agree with you @Jeruba, and it is strange. Last week I ordered some vitamins online. They told me 3–5 business days. It arrived the next day. One way you can ensure your package will arrive when you’re home is to closely follow the package tracking service. but that’s not always accurate. A better option would be to ask to be able to sign for the package. Again, that’s not entirely reliable, because some delivery services don’t have a signing option.

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This happened to me last year. I very rarely order anything to come to the house, but I think it was an Amazon item. I ordered regular shipping and it was at my house in a day or two. I assumed there must be a distribution center close to me. It was shocking how quickly it arrived.

I agree it can be a problem if say you are traveling and doing the order trying to time with when you will arrive home, or arrive at your destination.

USPS usually has places they will leave packages and places they won’t. They evaluate the theft risk for your neighborhood. UPS, FedEx, and USPS you should be able to write do not leave at door as a special instruction when ordering.

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Under-promise and over-deliver is good customer service.

With supply chains goofed up by the pandemic, I think they are setting expectations low for in-stock as well as out-of-stock goods.

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Oh! You can tell them to leave the package at a UPS store, or related location. That way, it will stay secure until you arrive to pick it up.

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Having to go pick something up somewhere defeats the purpose of delivery, even when we’re not trying to minimize errands and avoid unnecessary interactions. I’m out way too much as it is.

I just think if the notification says “arriving 9/28” (not “arriving BY 9/28”) it should arrive on 9/28.

Not only don’t I want them to break their necks bringing me some small, trivial kitchen item, but I don’t want to rearrange my schedule to receive an important delivery on a certain date and then have those arrangements foiled by overzealous transport services.

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I have a parcel delivery box so my packages are out of sight. Yes, somebody could still open the box & take the package, but it has worked well for me for over 20 years. I also track my packages from the first morning after I place the order until it says that it’s out for delivery. I have an account with UPS & Fedex so I receive an email when they receive a package for my address & I receive an email when it is out for delivery & I also receive an email when it has been actually delivered. As soon as I get the tracking number for USPS, I go to their site & request an email for every move my package makes until it is delivered. USPS also has a service where you open an account with them & you can see what mail you will be receiving for the day. I’ve not signed up for that because I don’t trust them that much, so I just get the email notices on my packages instead. NONE of this is infallible, but being aware makes me feel like I’m at least doing my part in keeping my items safe!!! When it’s an expensive item coming, I do my best to adust my day to accommodate the delivery company’s schedule.

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I have had some packages arrive a day or two ahead of schedule. Recently, a water fill timer for my pond arrived 2 days early. Fortunately I do not have to worry about package theft so early delivery is not a problem for me. Rain is the only worry. UPS and FedEx used to open the always unlocked garage door and place packages inside, but they can’t do that any more.

To be totally honest I am noticing that I almost forget what I’ve ordered and have to really think what the package contains when it arrives. ” A package! What could it be? Yes. I did order that frammistat with left-handed thread. I need it to repair the donniker bulb.”

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