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Why do people not have to let people know if they have COVID?

Asked by Fricker (12points) September 27th, 2020

My ex sees my son 1 time a week and she is vindictive and I have a weak immune system. The state of Michigan says she does not have to inform me and can see our son?

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@Fricker: Does the state of Michigan say if you have Covid you should stay home?

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I believe we all have an obligation to notify/warn others of a contagious condition we have.

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“Should stay home” is very different from “must inform others or be legally liable”.

I am not familiar with family law, but I wonder if the court that oversees visitation can be asked to require testing or help in some other way.

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How old is your son? Won’t your son know if your ex is sick (if your ex has symptoms). Does your ex believe children don’t get very sick? Will your ex endanger your son?

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@Fricker I see your problem and totally empathize with you.

My divorced son shares custody of his three children with his ex. The ex is not vindictive but she is definitely careless. She is on her second live-in boyfriend now and God knows who else the kids have been exposed to. It is impractical to test the kids every week, so my son takes a risk every time the kids come to him.

I think there should be a requirement for people to inform others if they test positive. Of course, keep in mind that it is probably too late by then anyway. In the meantime, just watch your son closely for any symptoms. Of course, by the time he displays any symptoms, you will have it too.

Is there anything you can do to beef up your immune system?

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