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How much of tribalism is or was driven by testosterone?

Asked by Brian1946 (28372points) September 27th, 2020

Is territoriality a factor?

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I have come to the opinion that everything, all of it, is about testosterone. All of what goes on in the human realm comes down to that as its root. All of it.

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Yea testosterone was a necessary evil, but add in a modern society with advertising and status, wealth, ego etc….we humans are some incredibly flawed creatures.

I’m from Oregon and the tribalism surrounding just trucks alone is unbelievable. I’ve heard guys insult regular everyday citizens for driving gas vehicles.

I never knew what “toxic masculinity” was until recently, yet it explains absolutely everything.

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Topics as I wrote them: WTF- Fluther ate them and I now I don’t remember what they were! ;-p

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Indirectly or directly, 99% of it, all throughout history. Even today.

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@Brian1946, that happens to me a lot. Somehow, by human or nonhuman agency, topics get shuffled, dropped, changed in spelling and capitalization, etc., often saddling me with some unwanted variant on my intended tags. I prefer to make my own mistakes and not have mistakes foisted on me by someone else. That’s why I sometimes include a list of my tags in the details.

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About tribalism, specifically, I believe it’s more about human’s need to be close together. The prehistoric time was a dark era and people had to stick together to survive. If you were alone in the wild, you had 99% chance of dying. During that time most human was the same so there wasn’t any issue with that. But as society developed, people started adopting different things, it got harder for everyone to agree on the same things, so people started to be divided into smaller “groups” with people with something in common. And it’s hard for people to be comfortable with things they don’t agree with. Now we have people who just want to identify with something and reject anything that goes against their “something”. The result is tribalism.

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Still goes back to male testosterone @Mimishu1995. Woman made things civilized.

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Even more so today, Oct. 10th, than a week ago when this question was asked; and probably still more a week from now.

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