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Do you think Trump and the Republicans will be helped by the confirmation of Amy Barrett?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) September 27th, 2020

Getting a new Supreme Court Justice is always a big deal for the President. In this case, in particular, Trump has made no compromises with the Democrats. He has selected an unabashedly conservative, religious judge. If he and McConnell can get her confirmed and seated on the Supreme Court by election time, he will get a leg up with his base. However, he may also be hurt in the Center.

Do you think the Republicans and he will be helped or hurt overall?

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Helped, of course. Most people (myself included, although for different reasons as have been exhaustively discussed) don’t give a rats ass about SCOTUS. People tend to parrot and mimic whatever their preferred media source tells them to. The Republicans are far better on-message than the Democrats are, so they’ll effectively manipulate this to their advantage.

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The republicans think it will, but it’s going to backfire.

Anyone on the fence who would have given Trump the benefit of the doubt, won’t any more. This was an incredibly stupid strategy for the trumpies.

If he wanted votes, he should have picked a moderate woman – not an extremist conservative. Then he could have made the point that he was reaching out and trying to bee a president for all.

Instead he chose someone who appeals to no one other than people who will already vote for him.

Poor election strategy.

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It will help with his strong supporters. Especially his very extreme religious right supporters. They will do anything to bring the next coming of Christ and Trump is part of that prophecy.

Furthermore, in line with their belief that God watches over America, having 6 conservative justices they can finally hope to turn over Roe v Wade, and bring more and more cases that fit with their beliefs. These extremists basically want a theocracy. Not all of his supporters are religious extremists, I’m not saying they are. Although, keep in mind his extremist supporters were voting for him anyway.

Conservatives who don’t like him might be able to rest easy that they now have 6 on the court, and they can risk not voting for Trump. I think Democrats should play that up. If they are buying into Biden being the next Castro they still will vote Trump, but if they aren’t very afraid of Biden they just might sit out voting. Already some of them were not going to vote for Trump, especially with his handling of covid.

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Hasn’t been confirmed !

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^^I like you’re optimism, but I don’t share it.

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No. The Republicans don’t need any help. And she couldn’t provide any if she could.

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@gorillapaws Believe it or not, not all Trump supporters are extreme right-wing.

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@Caravanfan Thanks for your thoughtful answer. I am not sure that the Republicans are any “better on-message than the Democrats are”; however, they are united in pursuing the confirmation of Amy Barrett. The question is will the confirmation help or hurt. I guess you are saying it will help, but I am not so certain.

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@JLeslie I am certain the confirmation of Amy Barrett will help with the extreme right. What I am not so sure of is whether he will lose more support at the center than he will gain on the right.

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@JLeslie I am certain that Amy Barrett will be confirmed before the election. Even Senator Durbin has admitted that the Democrats have no way to stop it. Even a sexual charge may be harder to bring against a woman…

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@kritiper I hope you are right in saying that the Republicans need no help.

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@crazyguy They’re definitely better on-message; they have been since Reagan, and have been pretty uniform in the Trumpist era with very few outliers.

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I agree with @Caravanfan the Republicans are much better on message. Even Trump has been saying that for 20 years. I think that’s part of the reason he ran as a Republican.

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@JLeslie Do you think Trump’s chances in November have improved in the last few weeks?

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@crazyguy No. I think it’s static.

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She’s also anti-worker, which is very on-brand, and is the perfect pick for the right.

@crazyguy: “Believe it or not, not all Trump supporters are extreme right-wing.”

Yes, they are. Technically, they could be confused by the populist economic rhetoric and not realize that they’re voting extremely-right. And they have to be conservatives (racist, xenophobic, anti-LGBTQ, etc).

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It might help them, but I doubt it would hurt them. It would be viewed as a win by the conservatives in the crowd, as well as many moderates. It would show the Republicans in the Senate have some cajones and are willing to fight instead of rolling over like a dog trying to get its belly rubbed at every turn.

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@seawulf575 Romney with cojones? That is a funny sight!

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@crazyguy It is a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? Well, with Romney, it’s some kind of moron.

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@seawulf575 I liked Romney against Obama in 2012. In a way, I am glad he didn’t win, because his loss paved the way for Trump.

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@crazyguy, Romney was done in by Hurricane Sandy. He had great momentum and was doing great. And then Sandy hit NY and NJ and Obama could step in and make himself look good. Romney never recovered from that.

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@seawulf575 I think Romney shot himself in the foot with his poor performances in Debates 2 and 3. Darn shame, because I really liked Ann Romney.

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