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What upcoming movie(s) will you travel to see?

Asked by Caravanfan (10691points) September 27th, 2020

I don’t know how it is where you are, but our movie theaters have been shuttered for months. I have no idea how they’re not all out of business. Mostly, I haven’t missed it as I don’t mind waiting for movies to come out on Blu-ray and I have a 72” TV.

But two movies are coming out that I absolutely want to see in the theater, for which I will travel—even travel to Nevada if that’s what it takes. I will use precautions. These movies are the new Bond and the new Dune.

(For the record, my wife is very much opposed to this plan)

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I’m tempted by the new Dune, the cast looks great, but I am one of those that people think is overreacting in my determination to minimize indoor contact. Might start making a hazmat suit for that one.

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None. I haven’t been to a theater in YEARS.

Overpriced, uncomfortable, noisy.

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I love going to the movies and it was a big part of my life. I did go to the multiplex last week after hearing from friends how empty it was and indeed I was the only person in the theater and perhaps in the whole mulitplex. The movie I was willing to risk to see was The Personal History of David Copperfield which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my little art house theater has closed for good so I don’t know how many of the type of movies I like will be being made or shown.

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I don’t go out to watch movies much these days, but I may go out to see the new Bond movie because I kind of feel sorry for it. The screening has been cancelled for some time, and no one has seen the movie yet even though a song is available which is my new favorite song btw :). The song makes me extremely curious what the movie will be about too, it sounds like something really tragic is about to happen.

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I am very wary of indoor stuff. If I do go, I will grab an N95 mask from work, and take a surgical clothes cover all, gloves, and bring a change of clothes for the car. But honestly, it can’t be any worse than my going into an active COVID-19 patient room, which I do all the time (in full PPE)


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I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself in full PPE, and I wouldn’t go without it, so I’ll just rent it and watch from the comfort of my home (any idea if they’re releasing movies for rent faster than usual?). The trailer for Dune I saw did look pretty spectacular though, so I can certainly see the appeal.

As for Bond, I’m a Roger Moore kind of guy. The whole premise of Bond is ridiculous and the Moore films completely embraced that notion and had fun with it. The newer films seem to take themselves way too seriously imo. For me this is what made Bond so awesome.

I was just scanning through upcoming movies and it looks like there’s a sequel to “Coming to America.” Most of the sequels of classics from the 80’s have been terrible, but Eddie Murphy might be able to pull that one off. Not sitting a theater for it though, but glad it’s coming out.

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I miss the movies sooo sooo much. And I have considered going. We have a theater open very close to us. But it just isn’t worth it. And I don’t think I’d enjoy it with a mask on my face all the time.

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I just watched the two earlier versions of Dune. The new one is on my list.
Black Widow is a must.
The new Bond for sure.

But then again I have been hesitant to see Tenet.

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Black Widow may be the only movie I’m willing to go to the theater for. Since it just got pushed back (again) until next May, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

If they decide to release it day & date of Disney+, I’d likely go that route.

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As far as I can tell there is absolutely nothing on the horizon that I’d be interested in going to the theater for under normal circumstances, let alone during the plague.

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@gorillapaws what always bothered me about that scene is how did the fish get in the car? Did he have his windows down?

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@Caravanfan Like I said, it acknowledges how ridiculous it’s own premise is and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Nothing about that scene is remotely plausible, and the reaction from the people on the beach is a wink to the audience. Moore’s expression is just so perfect. Comedic genius.

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None. I won’t go to a movie theater until the pandemic is over.

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@gorillapaws Oh, I agree. I’m a Moore guy also, much to the chagrin of my Connery purist friends. But I’m one who has liked the Craig bonds, and Skyfall is one of my favorite movies (mostly because of Roger Deakins).

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Roger Deakins could film paint drying and it would at least be gorgeously shot.

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@Darth_Algar Word. I love that guy.

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Black Widow will be the next film i go see, so excited to see what they do with it!!

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