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Did dinosaurs with grasping hands have possessions?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11292points) September 27th, 2020 from iPhone

We see Crows use tools. We see parrots playing with toys. Birds are clever.

Maybe some theropods had favorite rocks like otters do.

Have any dino rock collections shown up?

Dino dams?

Maybe a fossilized dinosaur clutching some object has been discovered already.

Say we found a theropod clutching a golden nugget. What would be deduced?

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They constructed nests for their eggs.

I suspect that they made and used very simple tools. But there wasn’t much pressure on them to make tools as they could get most things done with simple brute force.

Perhaps they selected specific and unique stones for their stomach stones (gastroliths).

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One episode of Family Guy showed how frustrated dinosaurs must have been and therefore probably too frustrated to have possessions.

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I hear that possession was ten tenths of the law of the Mesozoic jungles, so yes.

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Yes. They all had luggage bags for when they went on holiday.

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