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How telling is it that Trump supporters can casually equate his name with a profanity?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44139points) September 28th, 2020

Drove past one of the very few Trump signs in town. This one was a banner that read “Trump for 2020. No more bullshit.”
OK, I choked! But then I thought…no one would have ever associated Obama’s name with a cuss word. Obama had class and dignity, traits Trump does not posses. “Bullshit” fits him just fine, and I guess his followers know it.

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don’t do this

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Already did.

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Interesting, I haven’t seen any like that at all.

Polls show Trump leading in Kansas 50.5 over Biden 41.5 by the way.

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I know that. That’s why it surprises me that Biden / Harris signs vastly out number trump signs here in town. I’ll take a picture of it next time I’m that way.

There is another house that has had Confederate flag in place of a curtain on their front window since trump got elected. Of course, it is not in the least surprising that a “trump 2020” sign is now resting beside it. What a bunch of deplorables.

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@Dutchess_III Probably think signs don’t really matter at this point…haha! One post I saw said ‘Trump voters don’t need signs, we’re the ones with flags flying every day.’

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I’ve always found it amusing that the crowd who’ll wear “Trump 2016/2020 – fuck your feelings” shirts will then whine about Democrats not being civil.

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