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There are 36 days until the election. Do you think there are really any voters that haven’t made up their mind on who they will be voting for as president?

Asked by chyna (46909points) September 28th, 2020 from iPhone

And do you know of anyone that hasn’t made up their mind?

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I don’t know of anyone who is undecided.

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I know a lot of non-voters but no undecided’s.

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Nope. I think everyone made up their minds a long time ago…

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No. I know who I am voting for..

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Yeah, there are some.

Particularly the people who hate Trump but also can’t stomach Biden or establishment Dem party BS.

And some people who are conservative but see problems with the current R candidates.

And people with principles who want to vote for party other than D or R.

And people who would vote if it were as simple as a mail-in ballot, but who find it too much effort or too dangerous or inconvenient to go to a polling place in current circumstances, and more recent-memory outrages might get them to vote or to skip it.

Also the massive number of people who are of a mindset that their vote won’t matter, so they may not vote.

Oh, well, and people who just don’t pay that much attention to politics for whatever reasons.

Etc. Such people may be on the fence either about whom to vote against, or whether to vote or not.

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I think there might be a few Republicans trying to decide no vote or vote.

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But it IS as simple as a mail in ballot @Zaku.

I have voted in every election since Carter. I was there when the hippies secured our right to vote at 18. Never took it for granted.

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@Dutchess_III It’s that simple for you and me and everyone in states which send all the voters ballots to mail in (WA, OR, CO, Hawaii…) and for people who use absentee ballots… but sadly the USA consists of lots of people who aren’t/don’t/won’t, at this point.

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Well, then that’s their problem. If they can’t be bothered to make an X, put it in the envelope provided and drop it in their mail box, they’re just lazy.
BTW, ”All states allow for some form of absentee/mail-in balloting.” Source.

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