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What is on the way when it comes to prevention of forest fires?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 29th, 2020

Is there technology that could detect smoke/flame way before it gets out of hand? If so why are there so many forest fires, esp. in USA, etc.?

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Nothing works better than good ole rain.

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The best prevention for wildfires is taking steps to combat climate change.

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Some fires start 10 to 30 miles from a paved road – - – 3 hours to get to a fire is . . . . too late !!

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I agree with @SQUEEKY2. and @zenvelo. Dry trees made drier by record heat becomes a tinderbox. We need a decent amount of rain and something done to combat climate change. We could also use maybe more breaks in between trees for now so it’s easier for firefighters to get in and control fires in a certain area. Maybe cameras that have smoke detectors can help. Funny thing is also we need more trees to help with climate change. It’s a catch 22.

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Allowing fires to burn naturally without trying to put them out.

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Unfortunately Smokey the Bear’s advice seems a little dated but has some truth to it.

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I’m thinking of technology, as in a smoke detector in households.

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@flo I know and I hope we can come up with some soon!

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The Tesla people and NASA…

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Firefighting drones with the ability to disable nuisance drones, that some dimwits fly over active fire zones.

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