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Were there really no other Republican female VP options other than Palin?

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) September 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Really? Or do they secretly want Obama to win, too?

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So, (and I don’t mean this as an attack, I mean this for clarification) you believe McCain’s main reason for picking Palin is because she is a woman and that he would not have choosen a man no matter who else he might have considered?

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Palin’s nomination was a slap in the face of qualified Repub. women. The Palin pick was a gift to the nut-case Evangical base. That is all.
Peggy Noonan says it best on this clip:

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I don’t know the answer to this question, but I’d love to hear from someone who does. What about Condoleeza, for just one example of many?

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I think Condi Rice would have been a preferred choice of McCain had she not been a constant reminder of Bush’s failed administration. I agree that Palin is a truly pathetic choice.
The good news for democrats is that we’d really have to f*** things up badly to lose this election.
The good news for republicans is that we are more than capable of doing that.

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@ marissa – considering how utterly inexperienced she is, and her reference to claiming Hilary’s disgruntled supporters in her acceptance speech, it seems obvious to me her sex was THE deciding factor. I just don’t get why a more qualified female wasn’t chosen if they wanted to make a serious go at it…?

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WOW, 1 week later and you people still have the same issues with her!

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There is no doubt in my mind that there is a better qualified female Republican he could have chosen. I’m with AstroChuck, I would have been impressed had he picked Condi Rice. Palin does not impress me at all, I am sure I would feel the same if she were on the Democratic ticket.

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Of course there were. It was not about choosing a woman.

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WOW anything interesting to contribute there, cheeb?

@ Marina – why do you think so? I guess I just don’t understand what she is adding to their ticket. Is it the Evangical reason?

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What I think they think she gives them is:

1. Youth and vigor so McCain does not look too old and hidebound.

2. I do think allengreen is right about appealing to the evangelical Christians.

3. She wants to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and she opposes endangered species status for polar bears. The first is a very popular Republican position that McCain has been on record saying he does not support so this gives the ticket cachet with anti-greenies.

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@Marina, do you think number 1 backfired on them? To me, with Palin standing next to him, McCain looks even more stiff and dare I say feeble than ever.

I am reminded of the old joke: “How can you tell Al Gore John McCain from a secret service agent? He’s the stiff one.”

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cheebdragon: it’s possible we will be having the same issues a year from now. God help us!

The pool of qualified Republican women is pretty shallow, especially if you are looking for one who is anti-choice, a member of the NRA and “hot”.

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Obviously, our definitions of “hot” differ.

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Yeah but neocons are more interested in political power than anything. Last time I read the list sex was #27 on the list so Gov Palin is hot because of her blind ambition and ability to talk out of both sides of her mouth #4 and #16

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@SuperMouse Great joke, thanks. Also, I long for the Al days . . .

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