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Impacted by Covid-19. What to do next?

Asked by pinkdragon007 (10points) September 30th, 2020

I am impacted by Covid-19 and I do not know what to do. I was laid off from my job back in March 2020. I filed for unemployment and denied for a reason I do not know. However, my other employees including people who are new at the company all received unemployment benefits after they filed. Fortunately, I was able to get a temporary job in April that lasted two months. I was also denied a stimulus check. My permanent job hired me back in June 2020 after my temp job ended but laid me off again in July 2020.

I tried getting a hold of my boss but without notification, he retired. A new hire took his place. I tried getting a hold of my company for two months now and no one is returning my calls or messages even though they are open for business. I was renting a room from my mom and stepdad, but he kicked me out since I was laid off and could not afford rent or utilities, hence I moved in with my bf who also recently was laid off due to Covid. My stepdad also withheld my mail from me. The mail he does have he refuses to forward it to my new address.

Since moving, I cannot pay my bills, I can’t afford food, essentials, etc. We’ve been getting by with little money my bf provides us with. My bank account is overdrawn by half a grand since I had to use money I don’t have to pay essential bills. I’ve been searching for a job with no luck on my side and have to turn in my license plates since I cannot afford my car insurance. I asked my auto insurance company if they offered relief programs and they said no that unless I didn’t pay, the DMV needs my plates back asap. So now I have no car to drive. In addition, I also cannot afford my prescription pills that I cannot go without and I am running low. I’m very stressed to the point I am having anxiety attacks every day, I’m not sleeping, and I’m constantly scrambling around.

I don’t know what to do next. Does anyone have advice please?

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Maybe sell your car?
Get Social assistance?
Talk to a counsellor in your area.

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You should be able to apeal the unemployment decision.

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Contact your US Representative. Their office will probably be able to help you either get your stimulus check or at least find out why you didn’t get it.

They might also be able to help you with your unemployment payment situation, or perhaps direct you to the office of your state senator, assembly person, etc.

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