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Do you think people are going to travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) October 1st, 2020 from iPhone

People who have been staying close to home will they throw caution to the wind for the holidays? Will you?

Are you feeling more and more willing to take chances with socializing and travel?

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No I won’t be traveling for the holidays. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not willing to take chances. The number of cases and deaths are rising in my state. An assisted living facility about 2 miles from my home had 3 deaths yesterday.

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Of course people will be, but then there will be surges and nobody will want to admit that they behaved stupidly.

I won’t, but then I have been told by some, in a rather condescending fashion, that I am overreacting. That’s fine, missing big holiday events is no hardship for me this year.

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Yes people will be traveling for Winter Holidays, I’m not one of those people.

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For Thanksgiving I hope not, but for Christmas I bet there will be.

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I think those who have already thrown caution to the winds will travel and those who are paying attention and being cautious so far will continue to do so.

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Yes, absolutely. There is a lot of reluctant travel around the holidays, always. And then there’s those who think they’re invincible.

I live a short car ride from most relatives. I see them, but outside and at a distance. I have already been informed that it’s going to be “a dark and lonely winter”.

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@longgone, never either dark or lonely with the furry ones about!

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I’ll answer my own question. I won’t be travelling for the holidays. I take small risks here and there, but mostly I stay at home and minimize risk as much as possible. Even if I wanted to risk visiting friends or family or take a vacation, the last time of year I would do it is over the holidays when I think there will be increased traffic. By traffic I mean covid positive people moving around.

My husband is slated to go back to in-person work on Dec 31st, which to me is a ridiculous date to start back to work, so I completely dismissed the idea when he told me that. He is even thinking that maybe he has to go up there a week or two ahead if they have any requirements for quarantining. If he really does need to be back Dec 31st maybe he will take off work that day and the first week of January so we can go to Nashville once the holiday travel is done. I wish he didn’t have to go Nashville. He doesn’t really “worry” about covid like I do, and he is the type to do as he is asked without asking for special favors and without questioning.

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I would go to someone’s house within about an hour ride. That’s probably the extent of it.

@JLeslie: I wonder if the December 31st thing has to do with him needing to be on the payroll on by first of the month to get benefits by a certain date.

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Some company insurance requirements are that you have to be at work on the last day of the year to continue insurance on January 1st. I know from 38 years ago. I was out on medical from November 11th, I showed up for last day in December.

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@jca2 @Tropical_Willie No, he is working from home now. He is being paid the same at home or in the office.

My husband just told me it is December 21st, I had heard him incorrectly. Still a bad date right before Christmas.

The company is bringing employees back in phases. The first company phase starts when Nashville is in opening phase three, which I think starts next week, but I am not sure. Company phase one is the first group of people that were selected to go back to the office full time, and the company will see how it goes. Assuming it goes well, then the phase two group gets added in a month later, and then the next phase is maybe two weeks after that, I don’t remember exactly. My husband is in the last company phase.

If the city of Nashville backs up because they have a big outbreak, let’s say they go back to phase two in the city, then my husband’s company will halt their progression into the next company phase, and his reentry would be delayed again.

Originally, my husband was supposed to go back in September, but the city has had cases so high it has been in the same phase for months, and everything got delayed for the employees to return.

His company is having employees pick 30 minute windows to arrive to the office (I think it is 6am through 10 am) they reserve their time. They are trying to control crowding in the lobby and elevators. They occupy 4 floors in a 20 story building. The employees are required to wear KN95 masks whenever in public areas (the company is supplying them) including walking from their parking space into the building. Some of them park in a lot that is a couple of blocks away, some people walk and some take a shuttle bus. That’s another reason for the 30 minute windows, the limited space on the shuttle.

When they get up to their floor they have a temperature check before going to their office, and then they can take off their mask. If they get up to go to the bathroom or to the cafe they need to mask up again.

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I don’t travel for the holidays when there’s not a plague going on. So, no, I won’t be.

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I plan to go to England from the US. If the flights go as planned, I’ll be able to isolate for the two weeks required while my partner is off work over Christmas.

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I normally go to my sister’s for both holidays. She is about an hour’s drive away.
She plans on still having the dinners (Christmas is normally our whole family). But I told her that I wouldn’t be coming. It will make me quite sad, but not even close to as sad as what could happen.

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@canidmajor You’re right. Give your furry one a treat from me.

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Nah I’ll stay home in my little berg and chill. Anyway, if you’ve seen one Taj, you’ve seen em all.

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