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Where in the Bay Area should I go for a one night easy, cheesy backpacking trip?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) August 2nd, 2007

I am dying to camp outside and my friend and I have only one night. We can probably go up to a couple hours outside San Francisco or the East Bay. We could either car camp somewhere nice and day hike, or do an easy (as in 4 miles or so) backpack in. My preference is for an easy backpack in. Thoughts?

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point reyes? or you could kayak to a spot in tamales bay.

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Angel Island I heard is great. Not sure if the backpacking is easy as we saw them walk by when we were there, campsite is miles away to the top. You can take a ferry to Angel Island from Tiberon or SF. If you go to Tiberon (If I remember SF ferry takes you to Tiberon and Angel Island....stop by at Guymas, a waterfront mexican restaurant..and eat in the outdoor terrance. Have nice views of SF, Angel Island and bay)

Mt. Diablo in East Bay is nice, can camp there. Maybe have someone drop you off there and can hike downhill (its more than 4 miles I believe to get up there) but soak the views during sunset. It is spectacular.

Lafayette Resivour, a nice walk around the lake (they do close at sunset) can have a picnic there. No camping allowed though.

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I agree with Jill E, check out Angel Island

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Angel Island. Yosemite is beautiful too.

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