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If you saw "STAND UP TO CANCER", what did you think about them putting the Presidential candidates on?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) September 6th, 2008

having each of them say what he would do for the cause if he was elected President? Do you think it was a good thing for them to do, a bad thing, or neither?

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Good thing for both of them. They were both very well-spoken, and both had very good things to say. It also lent more credibility to the program, and inspired the diehard followers of both McCain and Obama to call and donate. Good call.

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The idea was to lay aside all normal rival rivalries for the common good (thus the three anchors from rival networks). I think that in that spirit it was a very good thing. Cancer impacts everyone.

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I agree with marina and lefteh

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I hope their answers were heartfelt and not “political statements.”

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I would suspect as much.

I see no gain in falsifying feeling towards a disease that touches every human in the country.

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Now I didn’t think it was a good idea. I think, based on the cheers I heard when Obama said he would DOUBLE the funding for Cancer research, it made Obama look better then McCain. Having said that, I think it could have angered many of the “Obama haters” and/or the McCain supporters. The LAST thing you want to do to the people you’re asking for money from is to anger them. I’ll bet they lost some financial support because of that. Although I understand the reasoning, I don’t think a telethon was the right place for it. I would NOT have put it in the program.

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