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Is the high pitch sound in my trees from a beetle?

Asked by dkrysiak (1points) September 6th, 2008
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Is it like this? (recording of a cicada)

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I have either cicadas or crickets making a similar sound-the sound of the end of summer. Three raspy buzzes (hard to determine pitch) and then a pause.

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our cat Cinderella loves to catch cicadas and bring ‘em in the house in her mouth! I don’t see how she does it, but it freaks out the wife and kids every time. You can hear her coming with the constant screech emitting from the front of her face!

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When your cat brings the bug in, does it look like a large beetle of some sort? We are in MN, would these be found here?

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just google cicada…

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Yes, they look like large beetles. This site from the National Arboretum has some good information and pictures. Welcome to the collective.

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