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Date advice?

Asked by steelers13 (193points) October 12th, 2020

So as of right now I’m about to go on a date with a girl in the next few days, I was pretty surprised that see was down to go out with me, she seems to have a really nice personality and she’s real cute but after so many times of gettin rejected by other girls my whole life and having experience with girls ghost me. I don’t want to get my hopes up if that makes sense. I don’t want to end up catching feelings fast cause I know that just makes the rejection even worse.

So what should I do to slow down and not get all caught up. I really would like for her to like me back and go on a great date with her but I guess if history repeats its self I would like for it not to stings as bad as all of the other time hahaha

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Go on the date keeping in mind it is just a chance for you to get to know her. Focus on her, not on your self. Try to get to know what she likes, what she likes to do for fun.

And do your best to be a gentleman, not rushing things.

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Just wing it and have fun. If it plays out and you two have the right chemistry all should go well. If not then it is what it is.

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Crude but probably honest bit of advice, I guess being surprised she was willing go on date with guy. Maybe you should consider what was reasons why your other dates rejected you and consider your options.
She not tinder date, If she bar find and she honestly looking for that guy who be there.
Remember this 1st day take it slow. try not bring up your ex dates, and be about you and her. Make this new experience. Eat light, do activities make first date exciting. <- definitely must read it, don’t be boring date

I recommend you reading this :
any other women out there:

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