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What is your opinion of this news piece about Hunter Biden?

Asked by jca2 (12182points) October 14th, 2020

I was driving today and heard on the radio about Hunter Biden’s latest. Apparently he’d dropped off a computer to a computer repair shop and never picked it up. After some time, it became the property of the store owner, and he found some emails from a Ukranian politician to Hunter, something about meeting Joe Biden, Vice President. Also, supposedly the computer contains a video that shows someone who looks like Hunter engaged in some sex act(s) and appearing to smoke crack.

I haven’t looked at the article yet, I’m just paraphrasing what I heard on the radio. The article came out today in the NY Post, according to the radio.

I did see someone posting on FB that the NY Times and other newspapers haven’t mentioned the article. My response was, since this is apparently an exclusive from the NY Post, maybe the NY Times and others will post about it tomorrow.

Here’s the NY Post link. Again, I can’t comment on specifics because I haven’t read the article or looked at any videos, if there is a link to the video.

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Its old news and you should know that your late to party. Hunter Biden is just going get slap on wrist and get away with whatever happened. Democrats kind treat like he didn’t do crime and so he gets no time.
I think if you really think deeply and think like everyone else on topic if your son or daughter had tried to trade money overseas or did drugs by abusing money from other countries I think most people would see themselves in orange suit and never see light of day ever again.
He has no experience in doing those tasks. yet what they really wanted was Biden’s ear. Power for some reason…maybe move cargo? No one knows but FBI when got that hard drive they gave back to Biden and he may have destroyed it.

Far as I know I can’t trust them anymore until I know Barr has purged all bad FBI agents and removed all moles. Somehow integrity of government is damaged by democrats?

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Supposedly social media is blocking it for ‘fact check’ and won’t allow it to be published. Seems wrong but I did see the picture of him with the crackpipe. I guess we’ll wait and see how it pans out.

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Meh, they’ve accused trump of the same type of things and he somehow is the president. This is about Biden’s grown son, of which he has no control.

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@chyna Agreed. But it did involve Joe, from what I read.

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@KNOWITALL Yeah it did. Which is the issue I think,

I am not sure how I feel about it. I don’t like Biden so this doesn’t change my viewpoint on him whatsoever.

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@SergeantQueen I don’t trust ANY of them, that’s my problem. I think most of them make side deals and make money at taxpayer expense, whether legal or illegal.

Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense to me that all of us tend to agree that the country shouldn’t be ran by elites or tax breaks given to the elites, yet many seem to adore the scoundrels in Congress who have made their fortunes while in office. But remember good ol Ross Perot offered to be President for free, he was already rich…no one wanted him.

Here’s just a few:
Two-term Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-Mich.) saw the largest growth in wealth between 2017 and 2018. The former for-profit college executive’s average net worth skyrocketed from $101 million to nearly $180 million. Mitchell won’t seek reelection this November.

Some longtime members of Congress watched their wealth rise to record levels in 2018. Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) was worth an estimated $123,500 in 2008. The House Agriculture Committee chairman’s average net assets stood at $4.2 million as of his most recent financial disclosure.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) was worth less than six figures in 2008. One decade later her estimated net worth sat at $7.1 million. Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) increased his wealth from $602,000 to $10.7 million over the last decade.

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The whole purpose of the Constitution and such is to say that we are supposed to vote people in who we want to represent us. These people work for us. Yet they do this. We also know that the Constitution states that we can petition them and vote them out. We need more people to stand up and get these people (reps and dems alike) the fuck out honestly

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@SergeantQueen ‘We need more people to stand up and get these people (reps and dems alike) the fuck out honestly.’

I couldn’t agree more.

We have had the same rep here for a decade, holds no town hall’s, people bash him on social media, and guess what, he wins every time, since 2011.

if you ask someone whether their rep voted yes or no on something, I can guarantee you most people have no clue. You should try it sometime, they literally act like it’s not public record haha!

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Let’s stop electing 70+ year old politicians for starters.

I mean this in the nicest way possible: How long do some of these politicians have left to live? Not long. Why do we allow people who truly aren’t “caught up” with how this generation wants things make laws? I do not mean to be disrespectful, but it is time for most people 50+ to stop being in power and to allow for the new generation to step up. Won’t happen without voting of course but I am almost 20. I hate having old people with old ideas making decisions. For example, people who are all stuck up on gay marriage. That’s an old issue. Most of my generation (at least in my experience) doesn’t give a fuck and thinks it should be legal. Same thing with weed and other things. This generation (I am gen Z) + millennials have new ideas and want things to be different. Most of these politicians are progressive enough to keep up with it.

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I am tired as hell so I hope my response made sense. I had a hard time formulating my sentences. Just tell me if you have questions.

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@chyna There’s a big difference between the NYT making one of several weekly allegations against Trump, with no evidence, and an anonymous or unnamed ‘source’— and the accusations against the Bidens which there is hard evidence for that is safely NOT going to be buried by the FBI

Evidence, facts, hard drives are key. ‘unnamed sources say trump’ doesn’t mean shit.-

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I think it’s an “October surprise”. So far I don’t believe it’s been verified, but social media sure was quick to censor it.

@SergeantQueen I agree. We’ve been nominating presidents born in the 1940s for over a generation now. Time for some new blood.

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@Sergeant Exactly. I feel like we’re all stuck between two rich, mad grandpa’s that dislike eachother, and a room of rich people who only care about selling to the highest bidder.

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Hunter Biden dropped in pool assuming that where he assume it was best way to get rid of it. Wow it just be bad idea.

I think his intention was uploaded his special video to secure area but couldn’t maybe someone sent it to him. I hope it was hacker that way deleting was impossible and moving was not possible either.
Hunter Biden is sexual pedophile whoa…that pretty new. So must been all that money and no one stopping him. I feel sorry for children.
Even if he used bleach bit or any of erase services he couldn’t remove it. completely he should used ax and took thirty whacks to laptop took to laptop recyclable shop what idiot?

Guy got laptop without anti-virus or special other service might tell hackers he open for assaulting. No firewall means you open for hacker wipe out.

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