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Did you have a feeling of relief after you voted?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) October 14th, 2020

I just went to one of the county early voting sites—line was about 45–50 minutes, not awful.

As I walked out (having received the Georgia “I voted” sticker example ), I felt that I had done my civic duty by voting, my patriotic duty (voting for Biden), and an immense feeling of relief that I can ignore all the electioneering for the next 3 weeks.

How did you feel when you voted?

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I’ve been going over the city and state propositions and initiatives casually for a week now. This will be my first mail in ballot. I love the leisure of it.

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Obviously Biden will be a better president, but I still felt sort of depressed voting for him. Knowing fully well that if he wins, everything will “go back to normal” which means that we’ll return to the corporatist, neoliberal policies that made Trump seem like a good option to throw a wrench into the establishment. But of course he didn’t, he’s just as corporatist.

Pretty sure if Obama was actually progressive, we would not have had Trump.

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I felt great after I dropped off my mail in ballot and better still when I verified it had been received.

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I felt wonderful after verifying that my ballot was received.

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I mailed mine in. Once it says counted I’ll feel good. I don’t think I’ll feel “relief” until after the election and Biden wins and the country is calm. I hope it will be calm.

They start counting 22 days before Election Day. It seems they changed it from waiting until Election Day to count the mail-in to this new rule of 22 days ahead. I’m so glad!

Last election I handed in my mail-in ballot at early voting and it didn’t show counted until the day after Election Day.

By the way I spent a few hours researching to fill in my ballot. It’s ridiculous how hard it is to get information. The League of Women Voters gives good information for the amendments, so that’s good. I actually didn’t agree with them on 3 issues though.

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I felt pretty darn good after I dropped my first vote by mail ballot in the drop box (I’ve always voted in person). I felt even better when I received the text my ballot had been accepted and would be counted.

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I feel pride after voting. Both about myself and the country I live in.

My dad took me to vote when I was five years old. He held me up and had me push the levers on the voting machine. It gave me a permanent dedication to voting as a privilege and a duty.

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Since I can’t trust trump to not invalidate my mail in ballot, I went to the local voter reg office, got my ballot, filled it out right there & gave it back to them & requested a written receipt of same. That way it’s NOT going in the mail & it’s NOT going in a fake ballot box, & the person signing the receipt stated that they saw my ID & verified that I was indeed a registered voter!!!

BTW, they are now determining how you’ll vote by looking at the music that you listen to via any of the streaming sites.

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