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If you chose unborn yourself would you?

Asked by Goldenfish (37points) 1 week ago

If that was choice back then or now would you make option now in hypothetical sense if you were given pill red being unborn means end your existence in this life and blue pill keep on living, which would you choose?

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I’m torn. Sometimes, I wish I was never born.

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Nope, nor would I choose to “un-conceive” myself. Those decisions weren’t up to me, neither were the infinite other decisions that preceded my existence as a being with the ability to think (my grandfather not being killed in WW2, my other grandfather surviving the Korean War, my mom divorcing her first husband, and my father doing the same with his first wife, etc.).

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My parents had eight kids. They should have had only two. I was number three.

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Nope. I would choose to be born but then even with difficult times, I’ve always felt lucky to have had the life I was given. I’m sad to see there are those who would choose to never have been born.

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