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Are virgins in both sexes seen by other sexes dateable?

Asked by Goldenfish (37points) 1 week ago

I question this because I am virgin, and I asked people online on some forums and other places why virgins are Not considered date-able?

What makes virgin detestable, lack of sexual experience, Lack of knowledge where everything is or with too much candor?

I know quite lot about sex, that makes annoyed 90% of time because my family wants to protect me 100% the last virgin of my family yet I thinking of it now since maybe virgins aren’t desired, In other countries they are prizes but in USA they seen as burden.

Date another virgin it seems last time I talked to someone about it, they stated it wanted someone with more experience then someone zero experience to date.

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A lot of people here in the US still appreciate it. Some girls even auction it to the highest bidder online.

Many of my male friends dont want the responsibility, or to teach someone, or the possible commitment expected. So no, my friends would have not dated a virgin.

Frankly I was the last virgin in my friend group and they thought it was weird.

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There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. You certainly should not engage in any intimate activity you’re not 100% comfortable with.

To directly answer your question, I would say that some people expect that a virgin will want to be very serious and move slowly in the relationship. That may be a false assumption on their part. It could also be “if I take this person’s virginity, they’re going to want to get married/have kids and I’m not ready for that stage of my life yet,” or it could be an indicator that the other person is extremely religious or sexually repressed which can be a major turnoff for some (though others are looking for exactly that in a partner).

I really wouldn’t stress about it. If you want to wait for marriage, the right person, or whatever/whomever you choose for yourself, then do that. It’s your body and your choice. Some people aren’t looking to date a virgin, and some people only want to date virgins. Every person is different with different beliefs. Hold true to what you want and you will find someone who wants that too (it just may take more effort).

Best wishes in finding someone special.

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I like your response to this question @gorillapaws it makes me happy to this.
As for @Goldenfish there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin at all. I’m still a virgin, a female, & I have 4 years til I turn 30. The reason I mention that is because nowadays when I mention my age to people they find it so fascinating that I don’t have children. An that I shouldn’t waste time & hurry up to have them before I hit 30, cause to a lot of folks once you hit 30 it’s like game over.
It’s quite annoying when they do that me, I don’t want to have children right now, I have goals I’m trying to reach in life & I’m not in the mood to settle down neither. Even when I told my family in the past I wanted to adopt they found it odd cause I could just have a kid of my own. They thought unless something was wrong with me then I could adopt but if not then I need to birth my own kids. It upset me. It also got on my nerves when people would tell me when I was a teen “that girls my age are doing all kinds of things” or “girls my age already lost there virginity why haven’t you?” That was some folks, my family on the other had didn’t want me to be like other girls & getting pregnant from being too damn curious. My family was strict with me! There would be girls ages 14, 15, or 16 either catching something from being too damn curious or becoming pregnant. I felt bad for them because I knew some of those girls & how religious or strict there families was scary.
My family didn’t have to worry about me cause I’ve never been in a relationship, never intersted in starting one, & really just wanted to live my life. I don’t understand why people would want to force another person into a relationship when there getting up in age. Just let a person live there life how they see fit, they don’t have to be like other people. And nor do you, you do you! Take your time & one day you’ll find the right person. Don’t give up but also don’t forget to take breaks from the whole “love hunt” game to focus on you.
(Sorry for the lng ramble, hope I made sense..sometimes I just start rambling.)

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