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Is it possible that the first moments of your life determine who you'll be and possibly what happens in your life.

Asked by peteylove (232points) September 6th, 2008

When i was born i was i guess dead, well i had no heartbeat. And ever since then I’ve lived a chaotic life. Growing up wasn’t easy (i know who grew up perfectly happy). So i was wondering about others first moments and how they are now. When you were born did everything go smoothly and now you live a calm life. Or were there complications and your life now has major ups and downs. This might sound crazy but this was one of those pop in your head at 4am when you can’t sleep things.

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cue the Nature vs Nurture debate!

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If that were true I should’ve had a very troublesome life. My birth took less than half an hour, my head was apparently tilted back, the skin on my hands and feet tore -oh and I had infant colic and cried practically non-stop for 6 months…....have to say, I don’t think that’s been reflected in my life since.

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I can see the temptation here to see your birth trauma as the source of your current life chaos, but I don’t believe it.

Genetics (not relating your birth trauma to genetics by the way) pay a very large role in our lives, but we do have free will.

If you want to change your life, work on it. You can’t change the circumstances of your birth, so let them go. They are in the past. You can change where you live, who you live with, how you react to stresses that inevitably occur in life.

Yoga has been helpful in cultivating inner peace for me.

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Doubtful. We are always at choice.

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na my mom birthed me easy and my life still sucks

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Peteylove, birth trauma can absolutely affect your infancy and your family’s initial response to your life; these affect your childhood; your childhood affects your adolescence; and so on.
Chaotic life could be the result, sure enough.
You can help yourself now that you’re grown. It would be more effective to have a helper and I think it would be fair to yourself. I absolutely don’t think you should just try to
pretend it’s over. It’s not over if it’s not over, is it?
You’re old enough to bring all this to consciousness. That’s brave. Go for it.

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The first three years are considered very important in determining the outcome of your life, but certainly not the first few “moments”—otherwise, I’d be living in terror of getting hung upside-down and being spanked!

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or like the old Chinese saying: the first 3 years will set who you are till you are 80.

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@ckinyc: I thought that that was an Inuit Eskimo saying!

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Chinese have the same saying. But I couldn’t stop wondering what will happen after you turned 80? I know you’ll get new teeth after you turned 100.

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