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What will you do today that you didn't do yesterday?

Asked by doyendroll (1771points) October 16th, 2020

If you say that you’ll cook bacon, eggs and tomato then will it be a case of great minds think alike or something else?

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Get a flu shot.

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Today I’ll go to the office for a few hours. Yesterday I didn’t.

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Take a nap. I did not sleep well last night.

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Taking our Hobie Cat 16 out on American Lake this afternoon. Wind speeds are supposed to get up to 20 mph. Looking forward to giving it the beans.

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Download a new software program that has loads of creative ways to creatively manipulate
I just cartooned a photograph and I ‘am quite pleased with the results.
I will be checking this program again in the next few hours …fun time!
( at $6 per month)

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My old pappy used to say, never do anything today that can be put off until tomorrow.

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Dig one of my heavier coats outta the back closet. I’m in Alaska and it dipped into the 20’s degree wise last night, so don’t think the lighter jacket will cut it. Ha

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Laundry, showering, grocery shopping, making dinner, and filling the bird feeders happen today and didn’t yesterday.

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Helping my daughter fill out her college applications. Gah! I’m old.

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Getting my two old bikes in good riding order.

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