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Republicans that dislike Trump, how will you vote ?

Asked by anniereborn (14931points) October 16th, 2020

Please no fighting here. I am genuinely curious.

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but only because Biden said he was running for senate so, what choice do I have?

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@Darth_Algar It was just a joke, because Biden said he was running for Senate, so how can I vote for him as president? I know he’s not running for Senate, it was misspoken on his part a few times, I think. Just a stupid joke, meant no harm by it.

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I just saw that one of the Rep. governors said he wrote in Reagan.

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I’ll be voting Republican, but to clarify I don’t really dislike everything about him. A few things, of course.

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@KNOWITALL: It’s the orange hue isn’t it? It draws you in like citrus fruit.

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I heard from 2 Republicans that I know who said they are voting as usual for all the other offices, but are not voting for him – or Biden. Both said they could not look in the mirror if they did.

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I know a few Republicans who are writing in or going to be a no vote at the top of the ticket.

I’m pretty sure Governor Hogan will write someone in, although he didn’t say for sure when I saw his interview a few months ago.

John Bolton, former national security advisor under Trump, said he was going to write someone in.

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Most of my wife’s family members are Republicans, and about half of them are Navy vets. The Navy vets are all voting for Biden, while the rest won’t be voting for a presidential candidate at all. (There is one member of her family who likes Trump, but not enough to vote for him a second time. He probably won’t vote at all.)

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@cookieman I’d vote for a fence pole over Biden.

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@KNOWITALL: Wood, metal, or vinyl?

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I don’t like Trump’s sometimes asinine tweets or the way he behaved in the distant past. But I’ll vote for him because he is conservative like me. He lowered taxes and cut regulations; supports the cops and military; appointed several conservative judges; had great success with mild East peace with Israel and several Arab counties; created a booming economy with historic joblessness; securing our southern border which has slowed the rate of human trafficking and drugs. And I know Trump will get the economy going again if re elected. No one really knows for sure what Biden/Harris will do.

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@cookieman All of the above.

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I don’t like his personality at all, but he does make good decisions and follows through on promises. I can overlook the dumb tweets and rudeness, even his exaggerations (which are seen as lies to many), as long as his actions are best for the country. He has done a good job for the country, no wars, good economy, handled the virus as best as could be expected of anybody. I will be voting for him again.

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Ask the good folks of Wisconsin about that Foxconn deal, which Trump promoted so heavily, and how well that promise was followed through on.

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